California Dream Feminized, about 3 weeks since seed.
I’ll determine it’s final location soon and get it out of this small pot, outdoors.
I’m new to this. I have some autoflowering plants as well. As far as this one…just replant in final location and let it grow? Or is there anything I can do to improve yield at this point?


@trx Im by far the expert but I would consider using fabric pots instead of ceramic.@ 3 weeks its hard to say whether the plant shown in your pick is at the stage it should be since all plants are very different in shapes and sizes do to strain,genetics,environment etc. etc. It looks pretty healthy to me so far? To improve yield you need proper nutes,light and some mother natures luck too!..Thats pretty much a simplified explanation but trial and error are all part of the art and fun of home growers…Good Luck and keep us informed!!!

Agree with @AL_GREEN, definitely fabric pots are the way to go. They breath and allow air penetration. For a photo at 3 weeks you’re doing good. Couldn’t really tell but looks like you might have 3-4 sets of leaf growth?? Start looking into topping or fimming and additional methods of LST. Photos recover faster than autos. How many photos and are they sharing the same grow space with the autos?

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I would transplant to it’s final pot. Depending on how big you want her and if she is sharing space is a good decision maker for your final pot size. I’m growing 6 autos in a 31” x 38” homemade garage closet.

Following. I also have the Cali Dream but don’t know which one it is out the four I have. So I might be able to tell from your pictures.
Mine are only a few weeks or more older than yours and are 4 feet tall already.
I transplanted them into a 1 gallon pot for a couple weeks to get the root ball growing then transplanted into 15 gal fabric pots. We’ve had a lot of rain and they really allow flow. The plants love all this rain!!

Can you post some new pictures of the Cali dream please?