My buds look great on the plant but not after drying

So I’m preparing to cut down 6 plants I put a lot into the grow and they are looking great. However when I cut the buds down and dry them for a week they go from looking like dispensary bud to outdoorsy looking. I only have a closet to dry the buds in. Can anyone help with anything I can do to make sure I can dry these girls without ruining all these months of work? Especially noting that I only have a bedroom closet inside the spare bedroom I use for growing.

Before drying in the first picture after drying in the second one.

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Temp and rh are the 2 key factors along with good air movement. 60/60 is ideal for temp and rh, but thats not really easy to obtain. No warmer than 70°, no drier than 50%. If you go over 60%rh, you run risk of mold. But it sounds like you may be having issues drying too quick. Are you totally trimming the leaves? Hanging whole plants? The longer you can make the drying period, the less chance of airy or fluffy buds.

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Well, the pic answered my question! I suggest keeping all the leaves on and doing a dry trim. That can help slow the dry.

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Ok I’ll try that. I’m so glad I cut these couple branches down early to identify these problems before they ruined my whole harvest. I think I’m gonna have to plug a dehumidifier in as well


Also from what I understand/ and from reading your buds will lose 70-80% of their weight from loss of water during drying which makes them look funky.

Looks normal to me. I always wash mine when I harvest which makes the look a lot better in my opinion.

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Freshly cut and fat

Representative bud when dried


How do you wash ?

I use a bowl trimmer, so after I have trimmed the buds, I swirl them around in a mixture of 5 gallons water mixed with a quarter cup of lemon juice and quarter cup baking soda, then rinse them off in 5 gallon of pure water, then put them on my drying racks. Here’s some OG kush buds I washed, and they’re just finishing up the cure.

I used this method for my first harvest just a couple weeks ago!