My Buds are not tight

I have had a fairly good year, my yields may not be as much as I hoped, but its working out just fine. Even smoking, it seems to be good stuff. One concern I had and my buddy brought it up. My plants are good, my harvest is good, but my buds dont seem to be thick and tight. What do I need to do next year to improve on this? I am growing in 10 gallon pots, plenty of sun, and using fox farm 3 step. Any help with bigger and fatter buds would be great!!


Sometimes genetics plays a role. If you had a strain prone to loose or airy buds that would do it. Light and nutrition/space are the big determinants. I will say my outdoor grow people use much larger fabric pots: 35 up to 800 gallon. Being careful to follow a nutrient line’s grow schedule is important too. Without pictures and data it’s hard to tell why. If it was indoors I would immediately point to your lights.


Bang on! I have found sativa doms are light and airy while indica doms tend to be more compact and dense. I grew outdoor Alien rift and the pheno I got was sativa dominant, the buds were smaller and light and airy, terpenes of pine gas and lemons, the high is clear and stress free. I purposely harvested at the cloudy gland stage rather than amber to keep the high clean rather than couchy. I’m sure if I grew this strain under lights I could have beefed up the buds considerably.

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If you grow strictly outdoors the key is direct sunlight. If there’s a spot that gets direct sun for most of the day, put them there.

Indicas do typically grow denser than Sativa, but that’s not set in stone. There are always pluses and minuses.

Lots and lots of light. That’ll help.
Also, be sure you’re not harvesting too early. Cannabis puts on a lot of weight in the last 2-3 weeks.


Yep I was generalizing for sure, and yep more light means more dope! As I said once the nights start getting cold and the days cooler, you don’t get much growth, that’s a drawback of farming weed in the north. What we do get is glorious fall colors in some weed.


Having played a lot with cool temps and cannabis, I can attest to the beautiful colors.
I’m not sure if it helps the potency, and the majority of the hues get trimmed off, but they do get pretty when it’s cold.


Imo every outdoor bud I’ve sampled has been a little more spindly that stuff pulled out of a decent indoor setup. I agree genetics will play a roll in this, but also a product of environment.


Those are beautiful! That last image is solid and candy like. Good job!

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Really amazing @Drinkslinger the colors look terrific.

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I like the one before the last. That is a beautiful frigging bud!

But here in the south… still 75-80 and gorgeous! Screw that ‘winter is coming’ crap :joy:


Ya gotta admit though there ain’t no light like sun light! Combine that with the natural elements and an organic soil and BAM! The best tasting bud in the universe! I prefer outdoor weed to indoor.

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want thicker buds…ice them.

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@Larry815 DJ short talks about putting buds in paper shopping bags for the last part of drying. Having them lay on each other “denses” up the nugs.

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So I guess making a huge pile would work too? I like doing that anyway lol it’s like making it rain with weed!


Yep. I was thinking you could roll the bag work a little pressure.

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Go for broke, use it as a pillow!

I disagree about sunlight. The only advantage it really has is that it’s free. But we’re absolutely entitled to like different things.

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it is outdoor grow. In 10 gallon pots. Plenty of sun and water. And as far as fox farm, I followed it. I will just have to keep a eye on it for next year.

Someone around here vacuum seals their qps/lbs. I know the consensus is that’s bad, but damn her buds are dense and sticky. If I had a machine to experiment with I would.


What I do agree with you on is a perfect environment, sunny every day, the whole time the light is on. This makes for bomber buds, really powerful smoke! I find the terpenes are a bit nicer with outdoor. I don’t like my weed too strong anyway. Save that for the Chronics, those days are behind me now because of my work.
That being said, now that weed is legal I’ve taken to growing indoors. Many of my buds ( pun intended ) grow indoors so I get to see what they do and don’t do. Strangely around here they still go old school with the street lights? I’ve tried to convince them of the merits of the new LEDs but they aren’t convinced. Fools I say!!!