My buds are always so small

Amazon will deliver you some fox farm dirt good starting point

Cool thanks

And welcome back :slight_smile:

I would agree that you can get a little better bud development with a more cannabis specific nutrient regimen. I would also consider taking a look at how much your greenhouse breaks up light intensity. Looks pretty opaque to me, if your palels are eating up a lot of light intensity would contribute as well.


Ok. I wondered about the plastic. I can’t have it visible outside in Colorado, but i don’t have room in the house. I will have to figure something out… thank you…

I bought some fox farm bloom fertilizer. Hope it will help this season…

Bloom fertilizer will have no counteraction to the time release nitroge. In the miracle gro soil u need to transplant into a non time release soil

I will keep that in mind for next season…

I am so excited… my buds are doing great… i can’t wait to use the right products for everything next season… the bloom fertilizer made them triple in size in 2 weeks…


Thank you everyone for the help… i do have a question… look at picture number 3… does it look ready or should i give a little more time… its blue…something that i bought from here… i think it was bluedream… i have 2 of them and 2 gold leaf

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It looks to my eye like you have several weeks to go.

Growing outside, you are subject to the solar cycle…most cannabis grown outdoors at this latitude finish in mid to late October, as I understand it.

My disclaimer is that I have never grown outdoors. LOL

The last few weeks of flower is when they really start packing on weight and getting dense flowers. Be patient and let them do their thing.


Very nice healthy I vote give it a little more time.

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Thank you…so much… i definitely harvested to early lasy year… it was my first time…and i can tell when i smoke it…

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Ok… 11 days later… they are beautiful
The second 2 pics are blueberry and the
First 2 are gold leaf… seeds bought
From here…! Each pic is a different plant… I was wondering about the ladt one… looks close.i saw a topic talking about harvesting in stages.not sure but i might have to. 20191009_104603|243x500


Those look great , great job

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Thank you

Considering everything in how you grow, they do look good. Fox Farm soil is awesome. Before you start growing for next time pick their minds here so you can do it right.

I did a lot of research before I started buying stuff. My two blunders…my lights and not knowing different growing techniques like Scrog.


I agree… i learned from my mistakes last season. And am learning this season… thanks for the advice… can’t wait til next season, to see how i improve…

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Your plants need more time…:upside_down_face::grin:
They are only going to get bigger and fatter from here on out…
They are lookin good …:drooling_face::drooling_face::fire::+1:
Now be patient and let them finish… :wink:


Ok cool ty

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