My buds are always so small

They can’t dry trim yet. The plant isn’t harvested. That’s what I was saying . Once you harvest you can either wet trim and dry the trim and use it for oil or dry the whole thing and trim them and use the trimmings for oil. No matter how you do it you end up with trim for oil.

Yea but when your growing only plants of this stature

I’m running 192 of those in racks like this once the scrogs out the way I put a new 24 plant rack In every week and cycle 11 of them in and out for every cut 1 down plant one time one that’s been drying every week same thing


There’s not a lot of sugar leaves on those , mostly fan leaves. But even your fan leaves are loaded with crystal. If you left them until harvest and let all the trichomes on them fully develop , then wet trim at harvest. You could save all your trimming for a month and make some water hash or oil. With your turn around you could save a ton , even with smaller plants .

Basically save anything that has a lot of crystal on it. Like the second picture I think looks loaded .

oh I do broski I keep everything I cut off it goes into a gallon freezer bag and saved all grow long …after I trim I throw the popcorn buds and all the saved trim in magic bullet …make it like fine ground spread on baking sheet decarb at 185 for 45 mins then process with qwiso method…if u u do qwiso this way it’s not the best tasting very planty but fuuucks me uuuupp man…if I use just buds I can make some good shit but the full plant hash taste pretty bad …ur making keif first then oil? I just make either full spectrum qwiso or full spectrum topical creams and tincture …I got about a lb of trim I’m just wating on next harvest to add some thc to it ain’t no Crystal’s on veg but still u can even make hash from Male plants I did it in my thread got 3.5 grams out of alot of material but I got something u no so males aren’t worthless


Buuut I’m trying to grow only buds no more pop corn buds and only a few fans per plant …that plant that was highlighted was the best weed I ever grew and the size and its ending is what my entire grow is based around the little plant

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10 days to root 15 days to veg right to flower

The only trimming ive done is the yellow leaves. I have had quite a few of those… It gets cold here at night and i have a heater but due to my type of greenhouse it still gets cold. Just trying to keep them from freezing for a couple more wks.

Freeze…lol sry but what’s that I’m from florida lol jk

Ohh i love Florida… grew up in the southeast… sure miss the warmth

I’m from p.e.i Canada . I know cold. My bro has some outside right now and it hits about 8 degrees Celsius at night . There still doing fine , there use to it. Only issue thy happens is you will slow down on phosforus intake and they will start to purple. This late in the game he don’t care to much lol.

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That’s good to know… thank you

I’m in southeast florida broward county but my opp. Is in palm beach

it would take me forever to get use to that heat lol. in the summer here we hit about 25 degrees celsius maybe 30 in a heat wave and im stuck in the house with the ac on . then winter hits and were at minus 35 with a hoodie on shoveling. damn canadian blood.

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Shovel will keep anyone warm lol it’s a battle everyday I did roofing for 2 years wanna talk about hot it rarely gets below 50f

What the sort of wee it is?

Try using FloraNova grow and FloraNova bloom this stuff is magic!

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@Skottish1 GH nutes, roflmao. That’s like walking with the devil. Do some research and follow the money trail.

How do you make your oil

First off man those buds look like they’re in early flower. They look like they will be good when they mature. How do they look right before harvest? The pistils (white hairs) should all burn and turn red and at the same time the buds will swell and get much bigger