My buddies blue haze

Blue haze leafs yellowing and dying, 3rd week of flower in ffhf, under 2 mars hydro 1000, it is a photo, any help would be appreciated

Buds that far along you will see fan leaves begin to yellow as the plant cannibalizing itself. Which is a good thing. Helps plant use up stored nutrients for a smooth smoke

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Its only in its 3rd week of flower, they stopped giving nuts around 2 weeks ago due to the fear of giving to much, and they are not ph-ing water or nuts, he just told me there ppm were 850on feeding nutrients

They have not flushed yet , so i maid him one yesterday ph was 6.1 on the gal

The plant looks quite a bit further than three weeks. Orange pistols and trichomes give that impression. Normally don’t start to see trichomes until week three and orange pistols even further along. I bet your blue haze is week 6 at least maybe more.


Exactly what I was thinking. Closer to 3 weeks left than 3 weeks in

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Here is my Blue Haze at week one going on two.


Thanks everyone, i think my buddy has his dates mixed up

Yup gotta be a mix up. At 3 weeks left… thats not only regular. But an amazing bud shot! Gorgeous plants


I need help, just seen some clear larva looking bugs on my leafs

Make a new post. Gets much better attention. Also try to include pics. Got some good bug guys

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