My Bruce Banner plants look different

From a fellow grower: My seeds were different to what was ordered
I ordered BB Auto x 20 seeds
9 x plants in a single tent, all sprouted 100% but as they aged you could tell they were not all from the same batch of seeds
2 plants very small (400mm)and ready to harvest at 7 weeks from sprouting
3 plants are tall (800) will harvest at 13 weeks from sprouting
3 plants are mid size (500mm) will harvest at around 11 weeks from sprouting
1 plant looks like a perfect BB Auto at (600mm) ready for harvest at 9 weeks
The colours and leaf structures are all different between the 4 variations.

Strain: Bruce Banner

Type (fem/auto/reg): Auto

Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor Tent

Medium (soil/hydro/details): Hydro in Perlite

pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 6

Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): EC 2000

Light type & schedule: 21 on 3 off

Temperatures day & night: Day 26/Night 20

Humidity day & night: N/A

Ventilation: 150mm Suction exhaust + 3 fans

AC: Yes

Humidifier: No

De-humidifier: No

Co2: No

What you’re seeing are different phenotypes. Just like no 2 siblings look identical (often even identical twins). You’ve got the genetics from both parents coming out in varying degrees.


I agree with @Underthestairs . Genetics play in and the odds of having 2 identical is really slim.

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That’s one of the main reasons people will plant more seeds then they plan to harvest. With regular, call it 20 seeds, half are male (cull unless you’re breeding) gives you 10, see which are the strongest and best up to the number you’re looking to grow… and cull (or gift) the rest.

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