My brother left me with these plants

So my brother left me with all his stuff in his house and in his belongings were 7 plants at different stages. I have no idea what I’m doing. I have never grown before. One of the plants is pretty big very beautiful has white hairs all over the leaves. I need help I don’t want none of them to die especially the big one! Someone plz help


Hi @Coliebunz. Welcome!
Sounds like you may need some tailored support. I learned the best way to start on this site is to have a quick read of the site guidelines, get ‘promoted’ up a trust level, and then create your own post which includes a service ticket so the guys have as much info as they can to help you.
Try to include a couple of pics of your set up and plants too.
Good luck!

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If you can start a fresh post and take several pictures of lights plants and any information you can find for us and we’ll do our best


Sounds like you have a challenge ahead… do you smoke much, are you excited about it? Get some pics up and details will help you along… welcome to site


Welcome @Coliebunz you can spend some time reading and liking other journals and it will earn you more trust in tbe community.
I moved your response to its own thread, in hopes we can assist you better.
Can you post pictures a few at a time (4 Max then hit reply for more)
We want to pictures in natural light so we can best assist you.
Pictures of what lights are growing the plants, how many areas, pictures of the soil, any meters, the plants, and nutrient lines.
All of this information we can all guide you through the process. @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Myfriendis410 @Bulldognuts @kaptain3d @KeystoneCops @CoyoteCody @Mark0427


Welcome to the forum! Happy to help if we can, but extremely difficult to post a crash course to growing. The grow Bible may help a lot, take a look. If you have any specific questions, ask away!


Welcome to the forum bud. Plenty of help for u here to get ur plants thru. Pop in some pics and the most u know about them and help will come running. Noone wants to see another plant die off. Thanks for the tag @Covertgrower. Im set to watch along

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This button to upload pictures

Wait for the checkmark before hitting reply button


Uuugh i can never figure out how to circle spot on pics to point out things. Its killing me smalls

I only know how to do it on iPhone. This is how

  • Take a screen shot of what you want to edit

  • go to your photos app, choose the photo, click edit, top right

  • click 3 dots, top right

-click markup, choose what you want


Excellent! If you can get some close ups with out the blurple, we can tell you how much sooner you can cut it down. It looks close.

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@Coliebunz loke said above kill the light for a minute and try and get a nice pic or 2 of the bud up closer. Do u have a jewellers loupe around there or a good usb microscope he might have left in the area of the plants. Lol. That will help alot too

Welcome to ILGM forum. You’re in with a good crowd here. Hopefully we can all help.


Welcome. Let the fun begin :+1:
Ask questions if you’re not sure about anything as the advice on here is the best you can get.

I have them in a closet with a purple panel light . I took them out so I can take better pictures for you guys. Here’s all my question lol
I have no idea how much water to give them.
Or how often. I don’t know basically anything about growing. I don’t want them to die. I took up close pictures of some of the buds cuz I see a few of the buds have like little white cotton looking balls… I also want to know if you can tell if they are male or female? And if I should be keeping them all together in a small closet? And should I put a small fan in there. I have no idea what I’m doing but will appreciate all the help I can get so I can keep these beauties alive.


How’s the smell? The lil ones look super!

The smell is strong

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If your on android I downloaded an app to do it called “polish”

Watering - water till 10% comes out the bottom of the pot. Get used to the weight of the pots when wet, and dry. Once it feels light it’s time to water. If you have extra dry soil around, fill a bucket so you can compare the weight to a watered plant.


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