My brain hurts from all this input

Each day I go downstairs check the girls in the tent and the little ones Purple Diesel just started Oct.1st Now we are deciding to harvest the Big girl outside I took a branch off 12 days ago dry it in the fridge we have set just for drying. I took one nug and cut her open and took a shot or two.

So the close-up is from the outside plant as the microscope ones also too. The fridge we have is ready to go as you can see. Plus I use for support a fishing pole holder which keeps the one branch from falling down.


Love the fishing pole fork idea :bulb::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s a great one :+1: everything is looking good


@Nicky @BobbyDigital @Hellraiser @Sigourney @SilvaBack203 The Fridge is FULL Yeah! it’s a party… I put a disco ball in so the ladies can swing in the breeze. OK It’s a small fan for airflow



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Now we wait But I am decarbing the sugar leaves and popcorn buds and trimmings that we got and soon the Machine MB2 comes out and the real fun begins.


Lookin good :+1: congratulations

Drum Roll The decarbed sugar leaves and popcorn bugs and such is 2 7/8 oz now how much oil can I make with my MB2 To morrow my bride will get sunflower lecithin and Bang Zoom off we go!

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Looking great! :partying_face::partying_face: