My bout with spider mites!


. Well folks… This is my first time dealing with spider mites. I have read and read and researched and u tubed . chemical after chemical is all I see. So… I have an endless supply of lady bugs . So their doing a great job. If they fail I’ll do the 2/8 alcohol mist. Yes ? No ???


I was having that problem and I killed them all whit MILBEKNOCK (synthetic product) not recommended but that I have then. Wait for more answers.
The :beetle: is nicer but be careful not to have to many I guess :joy:


Here is my thread about this little creature’s, maybe you will find it useful :nerd_face:


ladie bugs will do job if you keep in mind they have to disrupt life cycle they kill adults and juveniles but can leave before eggs hatch with more so make sure to slow release LB


Tabacco Juice recipe


Try this it works great. I use tis when i get them

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water and the hottest hot sauce you can find.
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off the strain using ladies nylon socks and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)