My blueberrys turned out great and I harvested at around Day 90 from seed I’m not sure why these are taking so long

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

Strain. Norther lights auto fem
Soil. Ocean farm soil
Pot. 5 gallon fabric pots
Indoor grow
Temp 72 - 68 at night.
Humidity around 50
I have a growneer exhaust inline fan with carbon filter
My light is a 600w led viparspectra
I have used a humidifier to keep my humidity up
No co2 or chemicals I used just water to feed.

My blueberrys turned out great and I harvested at around Day 90 from seed
I’m not sure why these are taking so long.

I grew two blue berries and a norther lights. I harvested my blueberrys at day 90 from seed in hand. But the northern light isn’t at all ready. I’m at Day 115 now and I’m still feeling like I have a week or two. Which makes me feel like my northern light auto seeds are not autos. I’m a little frustrated with this. I bought the autos to have a quick turn around. I definitely would of chose a different strain if this was the case. Please let me know if it’s possible I may have gotten a reg fem and not an auto. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Many factors enter into the “harvest” projections.
Plants are individual and are not programmed to finish or produce at certain days.
Disease, pests, nutrients, lighting, temperature, humidity are just a few of the factors that can increase or decrease a plants “time to finish.”

Breeder estimates of “days to harvest” are often not accurate because they cannot possibly take into consideration all those factors noted above.

I am a very impatient grower but seriously, excellent medicine will be ready when the plants tell you it’s ready (trichomes) not when some salesman projects you will harvest.

Keep an eye on your plants and understand, If you grew a dozen blueberries at different times under varying conditions, you would have a dozen different “finish” times in my opinion.


You would know if you didnt have an auto, as regular photoperiods need to be flipped to 12/12 lighting to flower. If these seeds just began flowering on their own, they are autoflower seeds. Like @Screwauger said, many things factor into a plants growth, and can add to the end harvest times, especially with autoflowers.


I had a blueberry I harvested at 120 days (auto)… sometimes some plants just take longer. I have a northern lights auto outside that went into flower around day 45ish.