My Blue Dream seems to have some kind of genetic defective

Early this year I ordered the dream mix pack especially for the blue dream. All 5 germinated but 4 died and the one remaining seems to have a genetic defect. The Cali dream and Skywalker are doing great. I’m sending photos guess which one is the Blue dream.

Anyone else get bad blue dream?y[quote=“TibTheTryHard, post:1, topic:42851, full:true”]
Does anybody know how to get ahold of support on ILGM ?

I purchased a mix pack , Jack herer , bubblegum and og kush 5 of each .

All sprouted except the 2 of og kush .
Was wondering what the process is and all about getting these replaced ?

I do have to say that ILGM was a blast with the support when I purchased my seeds for the first time . I do gardening and grow veggies so it’s not all new to me but I do have to say that the seeds that you guys have are BOMB! I got it pack down and am excited about the last bubblegum and og kush .

Was doing nutes flora series but just recently this last grow I switched to all organics and am seeing so much difference it’s making me tickle inside!!!

Not sure if I just didn’t perfect the nutes or what but I It’s crazy the size at 2-3 weeks already about to transplant to live soil mix and see how the bubblegum finishes… og kush is a week ahead and in its final 5 gallon fabric pot and doing freaking great and dark green healthy as it can be !

Anyways let me know how I can get ahold of support because I could make a ticket before but I cannot see that option anymore … :confused:

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Does look a lil weird let it gro maybe drop another seed

This is my black widow from Ilgm
I have never seen first leaves on same side
I think yours will be ok
I have had that before where the leaves were uneven numbers opposite each other on the stalk and they turned out fine
Let it grow and see
I am doing the same

image eee Macarena


I’ve got 2 or 3 out of 20 ish seeds that are like that with some funky growth.

After it got older, on the left. Still has some funk


Are they autos? I’ve been having issues with my blue dream autos. 2 didn’t germinate at all and 2 deformed, one worse than the other.

That cotyledon eventually just fell off.

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mine were just regular feminized.

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Was wondering if maybe by feminizing these strains that it maybe affects the genetics?
Also thinking by hybridization that some of these new strains are not true strains but could end up with traits unknown.

These are both Gorilla Glue #4 and are totally different from each other


Exactly what my blue dream looks like


Bubba kush

Will be interesting to see the buds

Makes me wonder on some of these if they are what they say they are

Genetic glitch? My first grow, so its a waiting game for me now