My blue dream is fading


Strain; ILGM Blue Dream

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Soil FFOF

System type? Seedling in dome

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix? N/A


Light system, size? T5 2ft 4 bulb

Temps; Day, Night 73-63F

Humidity; Day, Night 70%

Ventilation system; have both air intakes on dome open all the way

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,N/A

Co2; Yes, No N/A

Ok so this is my third grow and I have had very little issues starting seeds it is when they are little that I have ran in to an issue. This blue dream seed was received in Nov2016. Seeds stored in box in a draw. When I started the tap root was barely showing but I put it in the soil. When it sprouted it had the seed shell stuck to the round leaves. I plucked it off. The plant is growing but it is all messed up.

Could the seed be too old?
Could the soil be too hot for it? (I have 3 other plants with the same soil and water and doing great.)
Too young for nutrients?

Last watering added silica which was yesterday morning.



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They look perfectly fine and very healthy. What is your concern? The only advice I can give is maybe it’s time to transplant into something bigger and give them some room to spread out. I don’t think you need to feed yet if they’re in FFOF, it has enough for them to go about six weeks at least.


Well compared to this blackberry kush same time started.


I see, well, it’s a different strain, so you get a different plant. I think they could both use a transplanting out of those cups. The seeds you used are not very old, even so that wouldn’t make a difference. The leaves on the BD look a little wonky, but BD does have leaves that look just like that, sativa leaves. The BlackBerry is more of an indica strain, they always look prettier at first.


Thank you! You are right different strains. I was going to transplant this weekend. Maybe I should do it a bit sooner. Just got to start up the grow room. They are in my basement at the moment.


You’re welcome. Try and relax and enjoy your grow. :slight_smile: They can probably wait till the weekend for that transplant.


I use FFOF mixed with Happy Frog 1:1 once my plants are out of seedling stage. But I heard the FF is a bit too hot for just germed seeds so I use this combo to start my seedlings. I stack the cup with about one third of the organic Cactus mix on the bottom, then a third of the seed starter and cactus mixed together with a pinch of the Bio-tone, then the top third of the cup with the plain seed starter. I’m only just starting my second grow so I’m still a newbie, but this combo work very well when starting my first grow. I hope your Blue Dream comes through for you! Best, Jeb


Smokin Ernie.

  1. Yyu did not mention pH so I have to assume you are not ph’ing water/solution before application. What PH is your water and where does it come from? Why give a baby plant Silica? You already have Silica in the FFOF I believe, and that soil is used by many growers, although some of us think it is too hot for seedlings. Seed starter mix or Promix is much better.

Next; Your temps are too cold all the way around. Well maybe at night 68 is ok. On the other hand; It is better to have temps in the 80’s for seedlings and during early veg. RH at 70% is good. I use a heat mat during propagation.

Plucking the husk off and damaging the cotelydon (sp?) is a bad idea. This could have been what caused deformity.

Fix and become consistent addressing these issues and you should have a better success rate.


This image looks like a plant with possible pH issues and a nutrient toxicity. :slight_smile:


Right totally forgot to mention. I am using well water which I have to ad pH up to bring it to a 6.5 I also pH my water after adding any nutrients. When I watered it yesterday was 6.4 with the silica.

Why give it silica… Not really sure the reason other then I wanted to see if it would help. It was looking like this before I watered yesterday. It is clawing a bit.

Each time I have started seeds I have gone through some kind of different issue after they have sprouted. I need to get a better system in place and a heat mat.


Thanks each time I have started seeds they have been in different types of soil and pots. So a good start like you mention is what I need.


It looks under the weather.

Do you mean that the seed was in the box and when you looked into the box the taproot was showing? Or am I confused?


Sorry it could be me that is confusing. hahaha No I used a wet paper towel in zip lock bag. It cracked open in the paper towel.


Oh ok then. I thought you meant it was poped when you found it. My apologies


No worries. I think of what I am saying but my fingers can’t keep up with the typing and then I loose what I was saying and forget to ad details…what was I saying …lol


I’ve had a couple of “odd” seedlings over time and they all grew out of it. OF is hot but I’ve been successful in it. Blue Dream is a finicky strain though; I steered clear of it when they mentioned susceptibility to pests. You may just be getting a more overt reaction to the nutrient load in the soil with these guys.


Hey @Smokin_ernie just stopping by, sorry for not being faster, busy day at work. Latewood addressed everything I would say. Those heater mats really help out a lot, everything I’ve started I’ve used one, it gives them a nice jump start.
The FFOF is really hot for seedlings, and can cause leaf deformities until they get older. I’ve never grown that strain, and it’s possible even just that phenotype is finicky about growing normally. Every seed is unique with its own amount of life necessities. (Light, heat, water, nutrients)
She might be a real finicky one all the way to finish. @Daddy has his plant “groot” that is it’s own personal issues. Lol.


@Smokin_ernie one bit of advice that I can give you is that all strains are different. The same strains with different phenos will usually be close and in a range. The info you get about growing is a generalized window, so look at your plants and see what they really want. The general rule might be that 6.5 is where you want to be but you plant thrives at 6.1. we are all always learning brother…on every grow lol.

One serious suggestion that I have is if you are fighting to keep pH up… Get a quart of nectar for the gods “Olympus up” it’s around $15. It’s liquid lime. Not only will it bring up your ph’ed water…it will stabilize you soil for the long term. :wink: