My bluberry autos are nine weeks

My bluberry autos are nine weeks to the day and still aren’t done, this isn’t a problem in just curious as to how many true weeks they may go before harvest. I don’t want to cut these babies early.

Indoors or outdoors? This can make a difference.

Also, yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily worry about it. Autos are hybrids after all, and sometimes they will act a little more like their regular photoperiod ancestor and may veg a little longer than they should under a longer light cycle.

Reducing the amount of light they get daily could help. Outdoors, you can cover them with something light proof, to cut off sun a little early each day by covering them before the sun goes down, or you can cover them before the sun comes up, and keep them covered a few hours after the sun rises, reducing their over all “daylight” hours.

And absolutely if outdoors, you can just let nature take its course, and let them get bigger and then flower bigger later.

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Thank you for the very informative reply! I have had them indoors under LED 20-4. Today at the nine week mark in going to flush and switch them to 16-8 and hope for more resin production and some quicker finishing. Ill post a couple pics and see what you and others think. Thank you again

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The taller plant is 24in an the shorter is 20in what do you guys think

Looks like u gotta ways ta go yet! Weeks maybe.

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Still alot of white hair on that lady but other then that more time is needed could be 2 weeks or 4 just dont get into a hurry

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How many weeks in flower dont count veg time so if it took 21 days to flower then really your in week six of flower …most seed say 6-8 weeks flower i dont think total grow time is added in and if it is found it to be wrong but in a perfect world with the best gear maybe it could work the way they say


I appreciate all the info guys I will for sure take note of everything. I think I agree I just need to be patient and let my babies finish how they want, this is just my first grow so I’m ancy haha


@LTX great looking ladies… how did they finish yield wise?
Also if you don’t mind what led lights were you using? I am looking to buy…

Meizhi LED 600 watt full spectrum is a great choice. We have 2. Exceeded my expectations by far. :slight_smile:


The yeild was 2 ozs per plant, and the led was a 600 watt from king led. Kinda generic but worked well!