My biggest problem is always adjusting the PH. Do I really need to adjust the ph?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My biggest problem is alway adjusting the PH. Its very annoying grr!
Do I really need to adjust the ph? 8 without nutrients and around 7.10 with nutrients!
Thanks to you!!


Yes you must PH the water as I think it’s the most important phase of growing to me. So in my book yes


Yes & your ph is high. For soil highest 6.8 lowest 6.3. The plants cant process the nutes without a correct ph. Otherwise you may end up with a lockout.


UM…HELL, YES !!! But only if you want healthy Ladies and a good harvest.

If you like dry burnt hay…then don’t worry about the PH, or nute strength.


If you don’t want to have to pH your water, and I would anyway if it’s that high, you need to either use buffered nutrients like Advanced if you use synthetic or buffer the soil with gypsum and/or dolomitic lime, also called garden lime. That’ll only work if you’re fully organic. (they buffer the soil to 6.5)


If you want to be successful… up to you… :wink:



I can agree that managing PH is a huge pain in the ass but very crucial. I’ve gone through 2 moderately priced PH meters in the past 6 months and they seem to “drift” and give me errors when calibrating. I’ve read up on PH meter tips and there’s like 100 rules for storing and maintaining your PH meter if you want it to be accurate which is very inconvenient in my opinion. I usually use a PH dropper solution when my water is clear and free of nutrients because I feel like I can trust that more.

Is there anyone else who has a frustrating time with PH meters and maybe discovered a solid one that won’t give me a headache every time I water/feed my plants? Lol thanks in advance!


ABSOLUTELY!!.. I’m just gettn over ph issues where i had nute lockout. Highly recomend knowing your watering and runoff ph/ppm. This forum is excellent with awesome and very educated members!!


PH is the root of all evil.


I have 6 ph pens… I use the drops… never lies… just me tho… :wink:




I would use the dropper all the time but when nutrients and other things are added to the water and the color changes I feel like that affects it since it involves matching the color. Am I wrong?? I hope so lol @peachfuzz


Just seen this… super funny… ya , I hate the pens… always give me problems… I just stick with what I know… I have the cheap to the expensive and hate them all… just me tho…



That’s where your experience will come in… I actually mix nutrients in a 1 gallon jug for 17 gallons of water and add to res and ph the following day after it had a chance to mix in my rdwc system… easier that way… colors have sort of dissolved by then… :wink: