My biggest plant turned to complete garbage, what happened

Okay this was my only plant the grew this big, and then harvest time came and i got these airy ass nothing buds!? I grew 15 plants before this with the same method and they all were normal.

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Probably genetics, this one took after some sativa “parent”. Airy buds look disappointing, but they smoke just fine.

One of my more “airy” ones tightened up a bit with curing.

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Looks to me like the nutrient suck got to the buds by how brown those buds are you needed to feed them longer , you re dli mightve been to low also, 60 dli is optimal stacking dli and you need direct light on bud for it to stack well

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What kind of light do you use and how were you running it?

There’s a lot that adds up to dense buds. Genetics, light, total environment…