My Beginner Woes

So I’ve never grown before and have concerns.

I have a DWC 12 bucket hydro system which has been modified by inserting 4" round air stones. Also, with full spectrum LED lighting, A/C, Humidifier, De-Humidifier, fans all around in an enclosed space that I have covered the walls and ceiling with reflective material.

  • What strains = SSK (Super Skunk) & SSH (Super Silver Haze)
  • Method: DWC Hydroponics
  • Vessels: Active Aqua Root Spa Bucket Systems (Modified)
  • PH of Water = 5.59-5.71, Solution: FoxFarm
  • PPM/TDS = 564-638
  • Indoor = Yes
  • Light system = Full Spectrum LED (red)
  • Temps; Day = 82 Night = 77
  • Humidity; Day = 45%, Night = 57%
  • Ventilation systems = Fans
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier = Yes
  • Co2 = No


I have one plant that is 3" tall and the other 2" due to different growth rates. When pulling the pot from the bucket to take measurements and replacing it I noticed my tallest plant which was standing tall on its own all of a sudden will not stand and has actually bent over. So I read that supporting it won’t hurt it so I put a stake in and very delicately used twine to prop it up and support it.

I’m using peat pellets that once the plant was 2" tall I read that it was ok to transplant your peat pellet containing your plant into your clay rock media of your hydro bucket.

So the LED light sits 1 foot above the top of the plant and I am running 18 hours a day on my light timer.

Is this stretching? Am I messing something Up? or am I just overthinking everything?

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From reading that it sounds normal, but pictures save a lot of discussion.


Here are a collection of pictures. I have the 3" propped up and the 2" both in their pots. I have one seedling just popped up and the rest are still in their pods with no signs yet. I germinated extra of each strain to ensure I have enough plants to fill my 12 pots. So only the strong will get a spot. The rest will go to friends who are also legal growers.

I was thinking that maybe I’m not giving the seedlings enough blue light, so I have ordered a light that puts out mostly blue wave length. I will put this on the seedling tray immediately.

I think the extra blue light along with my full spectrum LED’s will provide all they need.

So far my only issue has been germination. I thought it was as easy as dropping the seed in a wet peat pellet and letting it go. But come to find out, the best method is to soften the shell with a water submersion until you see the tail about to pop out of the cracked seed shell and then transplant (extremely carefully) with root down into the peat pellet.

This is where I’m at at the moment, but very apprehensive about the outcome. This is my first time and unfortunately germination has not been straight forward with two confirmed bad seeds and the rest very questionable.

Of the original twelve seeds only three have sprouted. The others and the extras have all shown positive and transplanted to peat pellets.

I plan on updating frequently, so stay tuned.

Thanks in advance for your honest and sincere comments and any you think may help.

The last two pics are of the failed seeds that have literally been germinating two weeks.

It’s probably hard to see but one is surrounded with a fuzz and the other is cracked open via a hole and not a cracked shell and appears to be dead. Hard to see or take a picture of without special equipment.

It’s possible the tap root can’t push through to bottom of the peat pellet and is pushing the plant up. I had one do that.

Thanks, but highly unlikely since the root system has not developed enough yet. But the casing is supposed to breakdown.

I will however, remember your post next time I check on them.


The tap root is the very first part of the plant to develop and if it’s stuck in the peat you wouldn’t be able to see it to see how developed it is.

Your absolutely right, but seeds usually have a way of turning themselves around and based on the rate of growth on average and where the seed was initially placed the distance to the bottom of the pellet where it would get stuck, should take on average a week or so of growth. Nothing I have that hasn’t come out is that old.

Thanks Again for your input.

So I have some good news. I have confirmed positive activity in 8 of my pods.

Whoo! Hooo! :grinning:

Feeling a little better.

Does anyone know when to start the countdown on the weekly feeding for DWC Hydroponics.

When are they considered to be in week one (1) so that you can follow a feeding schedule.

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Well no one replied to my last post.

Update: All is well. I have 8 planted safely in their final pot and 6 more that will need homes. That’s two over my limit but I’ll hang on to them and give them away just before their considered illegal.

In the meantime my only concerns are fighting the elements constantly trying to keep the humidity around 70%. I have two top shelf humidifiers going full blast and the only time I have issues are during the hot day when the A/C unit is working overtime to keep it at a nice 76-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Seedlings take up my day every two hours checking on everything and keeping them moist via mist spraying.

My countdown hasn’t started but I’m keeping the nutrient level (PPM) and (EC) stable for seedling growth and my Ph is running 5.4 to 5.8 on the average.

I feel everything is running smooth enough but I must be impatient. It seems like I keep waiting to see an explosion of growth that seems to be taking forever.

Am I wrong?? Please I appreciate and learn from your comments.

Thanks in Advance.



I’m new to this whole thing too. I’m growing in soil, so I can’t comment on anything about hydro.

I am also impatient and have been thinking I’m failing some how. I’m just finishing up my second week of these being above ground and the second set of real leaves is just starting to show.

Looking through this forum I have found several posts in the beginner section that show plants at around 2 weeks that look just like mine, so I feel better.

I guess we just need to be patient.


Welcome to the community! @MisterSir