My bag seed needs help lol


Wondering if these hairs mean it’s female or male? Took a simular picture yesterday but this one is obviously better and easier to see lol


Way to early. One cannot sex a cannabis plant until flower photo period of 12/12.


Okay thank you very much @latewood.


I’m looking forward to getting these WWAFS so I don’t have to worry about it being male lol


ILGM sells fem photos as well @Stoner_Cody420


Okay awesome thanks I’ll deffinetly look into it.


they are a few bucks more than the regular seeds but worth it IMO! @Stoner_Cody420


I can’t wait to get my WWAFS it’s going to be great. And I’ll deff share the prosses and I can tag ya if you want @bob31 thanks for the advice!


Please do! Look forward to it! @Stoner_Cody420


Tag me as well @Stoner_Cody420
I go where @bob31 does hahhaha


No problem brother @Countryboyjvd1971 i got my grow tent and my 300W LED grow light on the way now so as soon as I get all that set up I’ll be getting it going!