My baby is dropping I don't know what To do at this point

The right one has drooped over, I’ve adjusted the lighting since it was obviously not close enough but not sure how to fix the right one, any help or advice would be great

-Stake it to a chopstick or pencil
-dry it out a little
-adjust light properly


@paranorman gave a perfect explanation


Going from what I’ve seen on other threads it looks like they’re getting too tall too fast. Shouldn’t he move the light closer to them to prevent that? (I’m trying to learn as well.)

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That’s more to do with temperature differiantials as well as light being a little far away

They were 15 words in that post Mac, three of them had to do with the lighting
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Adjust light properly.

Rather cryptic, wouldn’t you say? Closer? Further away? Left? Right? Brighter? Darker? Spectrum?

What you’ve essentially said is “do something”. That leaves the door wide open as to what one should do. If you don’t wish to explain it, that’s fine…but you’re being more than a bit obtuse to someone that is simply asking what you meant and trying to learn.

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Thanks guys!

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If you need help understanding how to adjust a light why don’t you start a new thread and I’m sure someone will help you out
-good luck


@TacoMac- he can’t say whether to move the light up down left or right because he doesn’t know all the variables in that grow situation IE temperature st top of plant, light output, a and many other things the person growing that has to take into consideration to understand where they should move the light. You don’t want it so close that it will burn the plant but you want it to be close enough to get the most benefit also referred to as The Sweet Spot


Do you have a fan in there? A breeze will help the plant build strength, @Paranorman is right some form of stake will support it, but it should be able to support itself, atleast until it gets big heavy buds! As for the light, probably try moving it down as they do look to be stretching a bit. When you transplant to bigger pots just put it deeper in the pot and ul never know they ever stretched


I assume the 23 & 43 are high and low temp over some period of time? Looks like a pretty big temp swing and 109F is hotter than it needs to be. So, the fan is a great idea, might help with 2 issues.

Or, those numbers aren’t what they look like, in which case, nevermind :slight_smile: