My baby girls in there 1st weeks of life


Here’s few pics of my gals! ! slugs :snail: and snails got to one :point_up:️ of em few nights ago IMG_5480|374x500


Crushed up egg shells in a ring around the base worked for me.


Got snail :snail: bait around its doing ok :ok_hand: but got to use all the time


What size pots are they in please?


I’m not sure what size I’ll take pics for you


Its 510mm pot


Thanks. I have access to some 5 gallon plastic pots for my next spring Grow. But I’m leaning towards making my own cloth bags. So I’m always curious what size others are using for outdoor growing :blush:


No worries :wink: how you make those cloth pots


Weed cloth and a sewing machine. I saw the instructions online. You can also line plastic laundry baskets with weeds cloth. I came across it when researching about veggie container gardens😊. I figure it’s worth a try since I already have a couple of rolls of extra weed cloth.


Thanks :pray: I’m going to get me some weed cloth and say hello to mum she’s awesome sower lol :joy:


Have Mom show you how to make them and then you can make them also :blush: