My babies just look sad

I’ve got a few girls going from clones produced by Purple City Genetics and they look so sad.

They were purchased on Wednesday when a fresh batch arrived. They are sitting in a blend of FFHF and Peat Moss which is made by my local hydro shop.

I am running LEC 315w with Philips 3200k and I have it at the top of my tent right now. My tent is 4x4 but really doesn’t matter now bc they are small and in center.

My ph is dead on 6.2 and they were only given water at transplant and nothing since. Tent temp is 71-75 with good ventilation and fan blowing on top.

Not sure why these girls won’t perk up and start to grow.

Forgot to mention…

These are Scoops and Slurricane both indica dominant

I’ve never bought clones before. Do they have an established root system when sold? I run a 315w cmh also. Drop your lights down to about 24"

What is the RH% in the grow space? The roots maybe not established well yet. I would try to find something to dome them with, that would let the leaves do some of the drinking well the roots figure out their new home. Just an idea, maybe a 2 liter bottle.

It’s not absolutely clear, but it sounds like you transplanted them on Thursday? It could just be mild shock due to transplant and a new environment. You say the light is at the top of the tent, but we don’t know how tall the tent is. What’s the distance from the bulb to top of clones?

They don’t really look bad. I’ve bought clones that had just been potted the day before and they looked like yours, they came out of it after about 5 days. They do look a little dry though.

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They just look like a batch of new cuttings. They always look scruffy.

I would suggest a dome to up the RH so the leaves can uptake moisture until roots develop. Cut back on some of the leaf material too which reduces the demand for the available water in the plant. Keep lights on 24/0 until rooted. I always use something like Superthrive too.

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give them a week to ten days before stressing out, do not overwater or get over fussy in this time.
All will be well.