My babies are sick, please help

A question from a fellow grower:

My baby s are sick please help. Their are bag seed. In miracle grow organic soil. Out side. Have only had to feed one time so far. Lots of rain this month scared of over watering. They are 4 weeks old and where doing well tell last weeks heat index x got over 100 for three days. Gave them mild dose of 15-30-15. Like 1/4 teaspoon per gallon and gave it to tjem over two days.

Stell trying. Thanks any advice

It seems to be over watering. Try letting them dry out for a few days before adding more water

B Safe

Can we assume that you have drainage holes in your buckets?

There is an apparent total lack on Nitrogen. 15-50-15 is not a good idea. When things go bad; A balanced fertilizer is most recommended.

If it rains a lot, form some sort of shelter in order to keep your plants from being drenched.