My babies are now adults

Here are my babies the Purple Haze I grow from seed the White Widow 3rd generation clones from my white widow. Am I bragging yes. But every time I brag something goes wrong so I want you all to see them before just in case it’s supposed to be a perfect year. One of the Purple Haze I called droopy it has been droopy from day one no matter what I do for it it stays that way. But it’s still growing today I gave them Epsom salt. I’m giving them the fox fire bloom. They get watered twice a week the Purple Haze is very dense so I just have them some more soil. And all they want is water all the time. They are in 20 gallon pots probably should have put them in a 30 gallon pot. The Purple Haze have been transplanted four times before they went in the 20 gallon pot. One plant didn’t make it I got leaf septoria. I did everything I tried to keep it alive and then it broke yesterday. So this is my life until Harvest. Purple Haze will be harvested before the White Widow. Now I just have to keep them from molding and everything else worms bugs you name it. So I took some selfies with them. Okay this is at@myfriends410@covertgrower@goblue@drinkslinger@Randy_marsh@midwestguy@fano_man@budbuddy@taxationistheft


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

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