My awesome (I think so!) tent - first grow

First grow and it’s a bit addictive.

I’m happy with the setup! Hope it produces!

Growing 1 x White Widow and 1 x Blue Haze from seed - going for a long veg time in canna coco and canna nutes

1m x 1m x 2m tent
DIY humidifier from House of hydro on humidistat
Oil heating on a thermostat
DIY suspended scrog screen
DIY mesh table
DIY aquarium pump driven hand watering wand
Hyper Speed extraction fan and Phresh carbon filter
G pot system for drainage

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Damn, you bought every gadget out there for your grow! I’m sure you will do fine. Make sure you have a pH meter in the toolbox and research nutes to the point of exhaustion.


Congrats , on your new set up . Yup your addicted like the rest of us .

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Yeah, I am a bit of a gadget addict. Nothing by halves.

Got a Bluelab EC and a Bluelab PH meter.

I have a bit of an aquarium background - so I’ve got a bit of a head start on nutes.

Right on. I am an aquarium guy too or was. Grew corals for years. Trust me, this hobby is much more forgiving and rewarding.

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With all those gizmos, is there actual room for a plant :rofl::rofl:

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