My Autos growth and flowering

I have three autos from the super mix pack growing since April 10th. I’m using a 2x4 grow tent, fox farm soil, and nutes. What did I do to make them so sparse??? The Bruce Banner Auto looks like maybe two weeks from harvest and I’ll be lucky to get a 1/4oz of bud you’d normally toss-in with trimmings.
The GSC looks like it might yield a oz and the GG looks like pre-flowers and it has quit growing. Next to the 3 autos I have a clone I was gifted from a clinic and that is growing beautifully. Please help if possible. I have 2 1000w LEDs for lighting

A picture in natural light would help they look healthy I think your main problem is lighting those lights are probably not 2000 watts you still got some time for the buds to fatten up try lowering the lights. .

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I believe you have longer to go than that. She’s pretty stretchy and will fill in a lot with love light and nutrients! What lights do you have? You may like to raise the pots up on the shorter plants, as the taller fill in they will deprive the others of valuable light.

I really appreciate the responses. I did some “gorilla growing” in ‘07. My family smokes and after my grandfather passed my grandmother asked me to grow for her. Used HPS and never had a problem.
If you look at left, that’s a train wreck clone. The other 3 stretched out ones, are all autos. I know I burnt it with some nutes but the one with totally immature flowers has quit growing. I think light may be sneaking into tent. I’m using 2 Lefreshinesoft from Amazon. Pattern is uneven 1200 focused watts dropping to 550 around edges. Manufacturer calls for 30” at germination and 18” at flowering. I don’t think I’ll yield an oz off the three autos but the train wreck has hope if it’s not too late to defoil it some.
Any suggestions to finish this GG Auto ?

Here are better photos

Take the picture with the burble off use camera flash