My autoflowers are on day 75 and no signs of flowers

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

My autoflowers are on day 75 and no signs of flowers. I think they are duds. I have two plants both same age. No flowers on either. The one plant is completely stunted and the other is super healthy but no signs of flowers.
Is it possible that my auto flower plant will flower still without changing the lights to 12/12? It’s been at 18/6 since I started 75 days ago.

Autos are designed to flower with whichever light schedule you put them on, usually 18/6 is what people recommend. As you say you have kept it at that with no signs of flowering then maybe its possible you were given photos by mistake, try putting them on a 12/12 and see if that brings out flowers.

Afew pics would be great also.


I agree with @Wildwest I have a blueberry auto at 87 days old and she’s in 1 week of flowering now autos are on their on time try flipping the lights to 12/12
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