My Autoflower Journey Im New

Everything is looking like its right on track man. Can’t wait to see what that big girl is going to do. She’s a monster.

Thanks same here im really impressed with how she is doing i would like a second opinion on if she is a fem i will upload some pics once im finished working for the day

just keep getting surprises out of the LSD loving it so far


Yeah man get me a close up pic of her nodes at the stalk and ill help you see if we can see some female traits for sure man !

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Here’s the close ups

@beardless @repins12 @scylents

Is it an ILGM auto? I believe they are all feminized.
The stipules are crossed, that is supposed to be a positive sign. I can’t tell if that is a young calyx or balls. sorry.
This is a new pistil on a 42 day northern light

. Check out my journal Northern Lights First Photo Grow

The three big plants are just some random bag seeds i had not sure what they even are lol didnt spend anything on em so if they are male thats fine more room for autos

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Gotta - they will be telling you pretty soon

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Sorry homie, it’s my first grow. No clue on the sex question. Don’t know about plant gender either… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses::v:

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Its all good man we’re all in this together we will both learn

Day 4 and my problem seed is showing signs of life im gonna pay special attention to this guy also added a 300w blurple in the tent today gonna see how the plants react

Definitely a female brother . Congrats my man !

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Ahh really thanks gonna still pay close attention and update with pics as well further into flower


you got it man. Yeah as always things could change ( hopefully for the best and not for the worse) but as far as I can see you are dealing with some females as of right now man !


Afternoon all i am back with an update so here we are at day 6 since the girls sprouted

here is lsd #1 finally standing up starting to show willingness to grow heres lsd #2 looking good really happy so far heres northern lights looking good as well been giving them just water around the edges so the roots can (search) for the water and heres a update on the big ones this is day 4 of flower for them


Taking a peek into my tent before lights out noticed a few leaves looking kinda leathery and shiny wondering what it could be i did give a small feeding of nutes a day after watering i am wondering if that is a sign of overwatering? heres a pic

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“kinda leathery and shiny” when I hear that I think nitrogen toxicity. Also lower leaf tip burn (not from light)

. However, nitrogen toxicity is not something I would associate with Happy Frog. It is not a real hot soil. It may then depend on how much and what nutrients you used.

I am going to use FF nutrients for food. Has anyone used them?

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I used the ff nutes for flower tiger bloom and big bud

I also use the Trio. Hmmm they do not have a lot of nitrogen. Tiger is only 2% and Big Bloom is 0%. Did you take PH and PPM measurements of the feeding? I would just use PH water the next time or two and see how they do. Monitor to see if more leaves show signs then jump back on the forum.