My Autoflower Journey Im New

Gonna be starting a new grow pretty soon got a few Autos i want to try im pretty new to this follow along with my journey


Set to watch my man and welcome to the forum !

you will find all the help you need here , whats your setup looking like man ? What strain are you growing ?

Thanks for tuning in i have one 3x3 tent going currently with some random seeds i had laying around but I just recently received my auto flower mix pack from ILGM with NL, BB, and AH. I have a 3x3x6 tent should be arriving soon my FF Happy Frog soil will be in This week along with some other stuff i ordered so i plan on getting things started this weekend super excited :laughing:

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Heres a very small photo i have going in my 3x3 going to put this outside and prep for my autos


I got the same mix pack.
Here is one of the blueberry

And 2 amnesia haze
I had trouble germinating the NL. The blueberry was a very easy grow for me unfortunately only 3 germinated. I also have a 3x3. The last 2 times I have added hydrogen peroxide to the distilled water used to germinate the seeds. 100% success rate. Coincidence or it really helps?
Grow what you like :sunglasses:


Nice your girls look amazing what light and soil did you use? How much did each plant yield for you

And me personally i just drop the seeds in a shot glass half filled with water place near cable box or device that gives off a little heat works every time for me. However i will test with these autos and see if that is the case

I use fox farm ocean forest for the grow soil. I amend it a little by adding some compost and a brick of buffered coco. 1.5 ch ft bag of FFOF, .5 cu ft of compost, one brick of coco hydrated with 7.5ml of CalMag in 1 gallon of water.
The blueberry is not a heavy yielder. The plant pictured came in 103g. The other 2 each weighed 85-86g cured. The amnesia haze are drying right now. Here is one of them hanging in my custom dry box


That’s impressive stuff man. I’ll look at FFOF soil and see what I can do to replicate it. Thanks for sharing!!

Happy to - no problem. Search Garrigan he has a bunch of soil mixes

Looking good i also have used FFOF in the past i like it this will be my first time using FFHF expecting good results i have heard nothing but good about FF

Just remember happy frog is a lighter amended soil. Its basically for seedling to 2 month plant. Anything after that is going to need food . If I were you I would layer the soil if you are doing autos. Top half ffhf and bottom half ffof , that way you have enough to carry you down the home stretch when they really need it. Also look up kindsoil . I have multiple successful grows with it. But its very hot so do your due diligence and check it out before you buy.

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Also any LST? Or do you just let the autos do what they do and sweet I was thinking that but I picked up the FF TRIO for feeding so i will try that keep a close eye on these

Maybe this will help

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Ok heres a few pics of some photos i have been messing around with Not 100% sure what stage they are in individually i havent been keeping tabs on these they are just some projects im trying out due to the boredom of quarantine in the last pic is that the first signs of a fem let me know what you guys think and also my weird little tomato leaf plant Its been growing weird like that since a seedling kinda interested in seeing what it turns out like

Alright now so im expecting a big delivery today i have 3 Auto seeds germinating now one of them is a northern light it is already sprouting its tail placed in shot glass with water yesterday around 5 pm the other two are white widow autos they have just sunk to the bottom of shot glass this morning so will see how that goes. Will upload some pics this afternoon of the new setup after all of the installation it appears my scheduled start will happen this weekend as planned. Tag along for the journey new to all of this and new to the forum but I LOVE IT HERE you all are so knowledgeable and helpful and friendly towards all the noobs thanks in advance.

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I’ve been tagging along since the beginning, I hope that you don’t mind :+1: :v:


Noo not at all the more the merrier i want ALL feedback im here to learn and grow nothing more nothing less

I’m in the background watching on this one too…

What kind of soil are you using? I see fabric pots on the pics… same one for your ILGM mix pack??

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