My autoflower bb gave me 8 seeds

Hey guys my critical thinking tells me these seeds should be duds like an egg that hasnt been fertilized. I never seen a male branch on any of my females. Nor did i buy colloidal silver to enduce a male flower to give me fem. Seeds.

Is my gut right and these seeds are my plant having a period. Or should these seeds give me more plants?

When nearing the end of flower some female plants will fertilize themselves in an effort to reproduce. Since seeds take longer to mature than buds chances are they didn’t have enough time to reach viability. Do they look like what you get from a seed bank (hard, brownish etc.) or are they light yellowish and kind of soft? If they’ve reached maturity you can grow them and be (almost) guaranteed they’ll be female.

Seeds from a hermie plant will be geneticly predisposed to hermaphratism.


But not all seed producing female plants are hermaphrodites. This is a good post about the difference.

The description above doesn’t sound like a true herm to me.


Correct! Believe those types of plant are called intersex.


Thanks that sounds more correct than “seed producing female”.

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K, here’s a snippet from a breeder on another forum, one of the smartest weed gurus I’ve come across. He was talking to someone whose Bruce Banner auto got nanners and then he had a few seeds. Nanners are NOT hermie plants, nor are they male.

they will be feminized. You may have just let your plant go too long and it rodelized which is a common survival/stress response in cannabis if they don’t get pollinated. They will be what are known as S seeds or Self pollinated. They will be different combinations of the mother plant and if her genetics were stable all of the seeds will be fast version Bruce Banner as well. The only thing is you will need to watch them closer and harvest right in the 6-8 week window from flower because the offspring will be more likely to get nanners or rodelize sooner without needing stressors because of what is called epigenetic memory which is transferred to the seeds. Eventually epigenetic memory will become part of the actual genotype or permanent genetic code if continually bred and grown in that same environment.

Epigenetics are dope too because however the mother plant needed to use her genes to survive when pollinated she will pass that on to the seeds like a temporary ram/cache does for pcs to store memory for processes and errors to report bugs. It isn’t part of the programming/software yet but after analytics the data may be used to update the software and firmware to be more efficient.

They will still show possible combinations of each parent but since they are selfed they will only be working with the genes from that single mother plant so it will keep any dominant homologous traits from homozygous genes. The only traits that will vary will be from the heterozygous genes but eventually if you keep breeding it with itself everything will become homozygous recessive or dominant. Long story short it will have far less genetic diversity than the regular seeds or cross pollinated fem seeds.

This can be either a good or a bad thing depending on the luck of the genetic lottery.


Appreciate the tag! It took me a long time to type that up haha. Glad others found it useful!


Your knowledge makes me feel homozygous recessive :rofl:

VERY informative and useful!
Thank You Both @CatDadPower and @Spudgunner

I would sprout them and see what you get. As others suggest watch for male and hermie. I did a couple bag seed runs. Mixed results.

Bwahaha :rofl:

Holy shit i feel like ive unearthed so sci-fi plant shit that i never knew was possible. Not gunna lie im stoked to see what happens. I was so close to throwing the seeds away cuz i thought they were garrenteed duds, im germinating now ill keep yall posted.


… plants are incredible, not just Marijuana but man they are capable of breaking my human brain

Good luck. What strain is BB? Big Bud, Bruce Banner, Blueberry, something else?

Its a bruce banner

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Does anyone know how long it takes for rodelization to occur? I got a white widow auto that I want to try and leave some buds on maybe and see if it will do it.

Another question if/when it produces “nanners” is it possible to keep them until another grow? Or should I just let it self pollinate?

Also another :joy::see_no_evil: if it was to self pollinate how long would it take for the seeds to mature?

Sorry for all the questions I’m wanting to try my hand at making my own seeds. Appreciate any info you can give!

This is the first time this has happened to me, maybe some of this info can help

I know my bruce banner grew for about 17 weeks before harvest but it was a thriving plant, i didnt force it to go that long

I got about 30 seeds off of it and tried planting 12 so far and only 5 sprouted so either some weren’t mature yet or they were duds

I think only certain plants have the right genetics to do this, so its kinda luck of the draw. If you read further back in this topic a couple people explained it well good luck