My auto in hydroponic using jacks 321



soil grow for this one 3 weeks todat hydroponic is 23 days old

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They both look great but dang, the hydro is kickin! Same seed?

Yes both are gorilla cookie extreme

Amazing difference!! That’s all I need right now , more conflicting ideas swirling around in my head lol

Lol… i agree . Do like the hydro tho easy to mantain so far.

I need to get 1 or 2 more grows in to get my shit together before I would even think of switching up but I like to research…what system are you using?

I got the bubble boy . It has a 125gph air pump with 4in air stone. Nothing fancy. Actually this is my first grow lol. The only reason the one is in soil is the other half said i dont need all that fancy stuff so she took a seed and potting soil and planted it… well im starting to feed it now just cant let it sit their and do nothing anymore…

Lol, that’s great! I think even Ray Charles can see who’s got the upper hand here. Maybe buy another bubble boy, paint it pink and call it bubble girl. Perfect Christmas gift lol
You should start a grow journal to illustrate the difference between the 2. Or at least update pics on this thread every week or so, with everything the same other than media it would make a great side by side comparison

cant wait for my new tent to get here
Running out of room in this 2x2 real fast. Gorilla cookie extreme autos are growing fast now .

my auto from day 1 then week 1.week 2 .then week 3. Wednesday will be week 4 today is the 6th. DWC grow with Jacks 321