My auto Gelato is blooming and pot was turned over

I was moving my auto gelato blooming plant and its pot turned over and she fell on her side. I immediately re-planted her but she is stressed. Can she be saved?

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Cannabis is fairly resilient and will be ok. Put up a pic Growmie and let’s have a look :love_you_gesture:


Take a look at her and what to do to save her.

Unfortunately, she may not make it. All you can do is baby her. Don’t overwater her or anything. She may be able to reestablish her root system. Watch her closely over the next 48 hours, she’s going to show you.

Good luck, and sorry for your misfortune.

Thanks for the advice. I understand and let’s see what happens in the next couple of days.

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As long as the main stem isnt broken you will be ok. She will be all shocked for a bit though.

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1962 a good year.

I had a sour diesel look like that when I forgot to water her. She recovered.

She will recover but being an auto it’ll probably effect yield substantially since the clock is ticking. She’s pissed.

They are wierd. Seems like after trama they really put on the brakes.

Similar story. This was a photo that missed a watering!! Lol


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Today! They can survive.

A weeping Cannabis Willow

Swamp thing! Lol