My auto chesse is it done

Is it done or not

im having a hard time seeing… are the pistils all orange or are about half white? wait until pistils dry up then either harvest or start watching the trichomes with a 60x magnifier

I don’t think it’s ready yet.

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Turn the hPS off then retake pic with flash

I think your cheese needs to age a little longer .


Last pic shows plant that has 4+ weeks to go. The indicator is the trichome color.

could be smoke worthy around 25th Dec, read the GUIDES for guidance. :man_farmer::rainbow::seedling:

Get a jewelers loop you will b amazed and then you will know when it’s ready just watch those pistols :+1::deciduous_tree:

should I trim the leaves

No need your not very dense at all just take ones that seriously shade bud sites


Not really YET :green_apple:

How long u think

(buy a LOUPE X60 to see)

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This for most clear high.:point_up_2:
10 days and chop. Hard to tell. Pics so blurry🙈

Leaf? I see clear thc rich high

Those look clear with a brown pistil in background creating amber looking trics but u look not even cloudy @James68 I would do some further review you want at least cloudy or I feel your robbing your self … make your weed stronger you just need to smoke less if it’s too potent that’s just my opinion … I’ve never had weed too potent then again ill smoke a joint of moon rocks if it’ll burn lol