My aquaponic media bed adventures


Love the pics, absolutely killing it.
That purple rosin is crazy.
Would love to take that to the head


@BrayneGro thanks for the kind words! Anytime you are in the north east come on through for a session!!.. Would be awesome to have a growing with fishes smoke session one day.


@Nug-bug thanks for the kind words! Purple rosin is actually really easy to make. Just need some fresh purple flowers to press and the purple anthocyanin bleeds right into the oil. Gooeybreeder is my goto breeder for anything purple with unique colors and heavy resin production. If you want a really dark purple to the point of looking like black weed check out his purple mayhem and Kona sunset line. Had a Kona sunset pheno that was so purple it was black. In the middle of the summer in a 90 degree room within the second week of flower all leaves and buds go purple with green stems. Tasted like artificial grape fun dip. Just didn’t have the power to it I was looking for. Be fun to hit my gooeybreeder selections to my new wicked dog male to add potency to my gooeybreeder line up… . Going to need to find some testers soon…