My aquaponic media bed adventures


Dedicating this topic to my aquaponic media bed system. It’s nothing big, just a 6x3 flood table filled with growstones as my media bed and a 50 gallon reservoir as my fish tank. I run dual root zone pots in the table and use optimal fish food aquaponic specialty feed as well as my own ferments in the system. My favorite cannabis I’ve produced in my life has come from this setup. Will be posting pics of the system as well as what the system has produced, hope all is well with everyone!


Start it off with some color. This variety is pretty wicked from norstar genetics. It combines Chemdog D crossed to gooeybreeders purple mayhem. The power of Chem d is powerful in every pheno. Don’t recommend anything Chem or sour if you have anxiety. Especially the east coast sour diesel clone. That one in particular seems to make people freak out. However being in the north east I’m a sucker for anything Chem and sour.

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Hope you enjoy!




@Ecsd. What exactly am I looking at?


@HornHead The purple oil is flower rosin made from fresh flowers produced from my aquaponic table. The purple buds are what I squished to get the purple oil.


This is a a variety I created using a male of tre stardawg 2.0 from top dawg seeds crossed to my keeper Chem pheno of pretty wicked from norstar genetics. Doing a little more line work to this before releasing seeds.

Some flower rosin and bud pics


looks awesome @Ecsd
check out this grape jam @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster


@BIGE Thanks for the kind words!


Damn man you have some BEAUTIFUL rosin and buds! I’ve heard you on Growing with Fishes podcast, I think lol.
Where can I get your genetics?!
Can you post some pics of your setup?
What kinda soil you using, it a homemade mix?
What you doin in your ferments?


Pile of buds :drooling_face:
Good job :+1:


@Indica_Dogo thanks for the kind words!

I’ve been on the growing with fishes podcast a couple of times. Usually like to hear what everyone else is doing so usually just hang out in chat if lucky enough to catch it live. Many thanks to Steve for sending invite to be on the panel, honored to be on the show!

I’m not selling any of my genetics at the moment. Still in testing phase on a few new males before I’m ready to focus on seed production. Also have some feminized projects testing at the moment, though personally I like regular seeds the best. Ive been thinking to do a limited release of some of my parental stock lines for some charity seed auctions and perhaps as a giveaway on the growing with fishes podcast. When I focus on seed production I might just sell them under my friends seed company but not sure yet. Still a ways away from all that.

I’ll get some pics and perhaps a video of my set up, nothing fancy or elaborate. Just a flood and drain setup running off a bell siphon.

The soil is homemade recycled soil. Been doing a no till setup. For ferments using some pear fpj because can get lots of pears for free from my parents pear tree. Also have done banners and unwanted male plants get fermented as well. Labs is my favorite ferment. (lactic acid bacteria serum)


Here is a pic of the grow bed when I was in the middle of moving it from one location to another. Table is not as deep as I would like so dual root zone pots are a good way to gain some more area for your root zone. Also if you use growstones make sure to take a couple of days to flush the media and achieve your desired ph. If you don’t there is just too much carbonates in the media and will cause high ph issues until you do enough water change outs. Easy to do this before plants and fish are in the system. Otherwise you will have nutrient lockout and yellow plants. Seems like growstones are at a 7.8 to 8 on the ph scale when it’s not been treated. Just follow the directions on the bag and repeat it more often than recommended for aquaponics to avoid ph issues with the media. Only After crashing the carbonates out the media is it truly an inert media that won’t cause ph issues. The biological surface area is really high on them which is why I went with them in addition to adding some silllica when they break down. (or at least I hope it’s plant available haha) I really want to have a media bed of Lava rock on my next build.


Cool set up and those buds and rosin look top shelf! Set to watching your thread!


Here is a video of my system in early flower right after lights out.


Some Appalachian super skunk from bodhi seeds

(Massachusetts super skunk * Appalachia)


Some goomendhaze from gooeybreeder

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Some rosin



Some good old bubble hash


Little aquaponic breeding project I did using male of tre stardawg 2.0 from top dawg seeds crossed to my keeper Chem pheno of pretty wicked from norstar genetics.

Tre stardawg 2.0 from top dawg seeds male pollen

Pollinated pretty wicked nug

Checking seeds to check for ripness

Results from growing out the new seed line

Working this new line to find my desired male to then hit to my keepers and test the new lines.


So uhh, when are you going to let me take the rosin gauntlet? Lol. Those pics are mouth watering bro. Awesome work you are doing here.