My Air Cooled Bat Wing Reflector Invention


Well guys i don’t know about you but after a good session of some mind freeing buds i was bored and decided to get creative and see what i could build, well i have a scrap microwave,and a blown dremel/rotary tool…well what the hell can i build from that junk, well being i’m a creative stoner i decided to make a variable speed fan to mount to my Bat Wing since having one air cooled is not an option, well NOW IT IS POSSIBLE, here is how. i took the 120v fan and a bunch of the wires from a dead “Nuker” i had around, pics (1 & 2) show the stuff used from the “nuker” then took the rotary/dremel tool apart took 2 items from it the switch/speed control switch and the main wire that powers it/plugs into the wall (pics 3 & 4), i took speed control switch and wired it up to the fan using the wires and plugs from the dead “Nuker” (pics 5 & 6) and then made a 3in wide by 6in long piece of sheet metal and bent it at a 90 degree angle punched holes and mounted it like in the last pic but the fan in the last pic(#7) is a non variable speed version i made to see if air cooling the Bat wing was possible, and found out it is possible and built one i can control the speed of…anyone else get bored and create something like this? and what do you guys think of what i built for FREE. comments or other ideas are welcomed…



Stoner ingenuity at its finest!

Nice work.


Thanks bro, really the one that is in the last pic that is on the wing working is the first one i built and is powered direct but the second one is the one i can control the speed of, plus i had all this bust ass dremel and found out it was the brushes that were burned out so i tested the speed control switch and it worked so i said hey lets try this on my extra microwave fan and wired it up with the proper clips to keep it clean and safe and TA DA i have a cooling unit…LOL if anyone builds a different version or uses this idea to cool something else PM me the project build or a link to the posts as im always interested in weird ideas like this. Happy Growing.


i will keep updating the thread as i clean up the design and come up with ideas for the box that will hold the speed control switch and the power switch in one little unit, again any ideas on that would be gladly welcomed, Thanks again


good work there @Canna_duh_EH


Nice Job✌🏼


Reduce re-use recycle love it plus you saved enough to buy beans woo hoo