My AH auto was going so good..Now what!?

My plant is producing bud. But the drastic color change worries me. Its just had 6.7 ph water. Tried nutes and have gotten nute burn everytime. So just water. Its 9 weeks old. Sould I harvest before it gets any worse?

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My first grow was AH. Had similar issues to what I see in your pics. Thinking the AH might be a bit harder to grow. She made to the end but just barely. Got a decent amount from her but very light airy buds good smoke though.


It isn’t mature yet. “Harvesting” at this point would mean a hard reset on your tent, not a harvest of dried flower. I’m saying this with confidence, but I’ll acknowledge I can’t actually support that with anything other than my own anecdotal experience. Your result may vary.

You might be able to salvage this. Sometimes a tortured plant will produce really potent flowers.

Let’s get a clearer description of everything that you’ve done up to this point. Please be concise but thorough. Light, container size, medium, nutrient regime, foliar applications, etc…

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24x24x60 my tent ,inline fan and filter humidifier, clip fan, heater with controllable temp. 3 1/2 gal pot ,fox forest soil. I only use 6.7 ph water. Every time I introduced nutes I got burn just the slightest bit in there. 900watt led. I dont know what foliar app are. I moved my filter out of the tent to give room for light being higher. Just did that. There is buds everywhere on it. I did water for a week with nutes that could be it to. I am not sure its 9 weeks old. Thanks for your input.

How much longer should it be before ready…its a auto flower.

Let’s examine the nutrient regime closer. Can you list all the products you own? Can you take us through your process when mixing them?

Process matters a lot in synthetic fertigation. The order you mix the products, as well as the points you pH the water, can all effect the outcome.

Separate point: I see some leaves that are outright dead on that plant. That’s an invitation for pests. You should prune away the damaged, yellow parts. It’s advisable to go slowly. But I also know you have an extensive outdoor garden, and you will likely bring pest in if you haven’t already.


I used ff grow big it got nute burn. So did no more nutes till 5 week. I ph the water in a 5 gal bucket add ff big bloom. Had it on timed feeder for 3 days with nutes. Thats when this started on 2 plants the dead fall and yellow. I thought it was the light being to close but was that 3 days of nutes. I mix 2 teaspoons per gal. I think auots dont like nutes.

This is one reason I don’t like mixing ionized nutrients with soil. It’s unpredictable.

You have nutrients in the soil. You also have a lot of organic material, but different brands have different ratios and sources. When you apply fertigation to soil, some percentage of those ionized nutrients are adsorbed by the soil. They’ll be available to the plant later, maybe perhaps. Or they won’t.

Another variable you introduced was the automatic watering system. Was that calibrated/tested in the days leading up to your travel? For sure, the solution you mixed was 4x stronger than the recommended strength, and applied for 3 consecutive days instead of once a week as per the instructions.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Thanks for your input. I figured it was nute burn. They are growing alright now. Is the burn going to weaken the strength of the buds?