My AG is approaching 7 foot

My AG is approaching 7 foot.
Last year I did 2 plushberries. 6 foot high 6 foot wide, each one yielded 18 oz. My experience in gardening led me to pound 4 farm fence posts around the parameters of each plant. Then I put a 4 foot farm fence around them. My intention was to keep the plants safe from deer Rabbits…And my wife throwing the ball for our dog.
Ultimately the surprising result was a perimeter of support. Some 60 mph storms actually cracked both gals where the two main leaders split. If it weren’t for my perimeters the would have broken to the ground.
It was then I discovered that there’s a technique used to do this on purpose. God is in control. I saved the stalks as they were impressive I will include pics. The 9 month old dried product is easily 3-4 centimeters thinner than when I cut it.

So now my dilemma is a taller plant that I need to support and do so inconspicuously. Thinking bamboo? Any thoughts, pics or suggestions are welcome.


bamboo is a great idea. it can withstand a lot. I made a free standing wall with glass bottles, the only thing holding was the bamboo. I bought on line. cool idea…