My Aching Back!

So I know a lot of you guys are in a similar situation as I am. I have two herniated lumbar discs and facet arthritis which causes me to have sciatica down both legs.

When I aggravate it I am down for several days.

So far I have had several procedures to block the nerves that are being impinged by the arthritis.

The only other thing that works for me is a visit to the chiropractor.

If you have something similar and you haven’t tried a chiropractor you might ought to try it. I feel better today than I have in 15 years.

@Countryboyjvd1971 I know you’re hurting I read your post with @Matthew420. If you wanna compare notes


Lmao @bob31 funny you mentioned chiropractors
It’s really the only thing that helps me as well bro
But as you know it’s not magic takes many visits to correct an issue and long term maintenance to prevent it from returning :+1:
Oh and bonus my brother is a chiropractor :sunglasses::wink:
I also have herniated discs L 3&4 buldging disc L5
Also have fused vertebrae in my neck :confused:
I think I would be finished if not for my brother @bob31
I no longer take meds for the pain I think we discussed that somewhere
Except for my beloved MJ that is

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@Countryboyjvd1971 yeah I do remember discussing but I read a post you were saying you were laid up. I figured I’d start a topic and maybe other guys might be having back problems too and might wanted to talk about it. I bet half the guys here have a herniated disc or two.

I’m fortunate that most of mine is very low.

Mine is at L4 - L5 and S1

I just reread the latest prognosis and a lot of 10-15 letter words that end in …osis etc. All I know is I bought a collapsible cane so I can walk when I am at my worst.

I wish my BIL was a chiro. He owns a place in Boca though, next best thing!

For sure @bob31
It’s very common
My biggest thing is my joint where the spine and hip meet locks up pinches a nerve and I’m done it take a week or more for my brother to free me when it locks seeing him everyday
The discs pain I deal with for the most part it just part of life for me but I need to be careful I don’t do too much to aggravate them right :+1:

@Countryboyjvd1971 well that aint good. Is there anything surgically they can do to fix that?

You two should talk to @Majiktoker he has this cream and it has sunk my tumer big time


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My wife has issues with severe arthritis in her neck. I’ve been trying to figure out a good cream for her too. Maybe it is something that will help her too.

I have the recipe want it ?




coming by message


Thanks Will


Um :neutral_face: yeah but at my brother recommended I wait as long as possible since it doesn’t last maybe 10 years or so I’m only 45 so not wanting to make it a routine
Might be about time though be dealing with it for 15 years now and it’s getting worse
I used to get cortisone shots in my neck and epidurals for my back pain

Yes sir I’m very interested thanks @garrigan62

What would they do to repair a locking issue like that?

you are very welcome hey it really works my friend.


I’m laid up now with my back and neck, it’s going into my shoulder now… I don’t know what is wrong with it, except hard work and a couple of bad wrecks… I used to take neck injections I have whip lash, when I have to walk my lower back goes inward tightens and locks, my upper back just locks feels like getting stab and left the knife in… I got an appt 31 of this month with a sports doc to see if he can give me a dianoise and if I have to have surgery I’m going up state I ain’t letting no horse doc perform back surgery on me…

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Just went through this over New Years and it took 2 weeks of rest and relaxation for it to improve…

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Excellent. We r gonna restock next week and then it’s cream making time! I’ve seen similar recipes but the one you sent is in better detail. My wife like lavender and I just ordered some essential lavender today for her so it’ll smell good!

Lmao I bet you will just don’t go to the next game smelling like tthat…lmao


@Capt_Seeweed @Stonetothebone well, I’m not glad to hear that for either of you but I’m not surprised to hear it. What works for you guys?

@garrigan62 the lavender cream is for her. I will make something unscented for me, thank you very much!