My 8th grow, Orange Sherbet AF, Grow Journal

Prepare for organic grow: 4-5 gal fabric smart pots filled in thirds with; bottom third of Miracle Grow Organics container mix blended with 1 lb of Natures Living Soil Autoflower Concentrate, middle third of MGO container mix, and top third consisting of saved leftover bottom soils from my last grow mixed with a little MGO. Don’t want the top third too “hot” for the seedlings’ transplant.
5/23/23, noon, started soaking 4 seeds in distilled water, warm dark cabinet. Will change to moist paper towel after 24 hours. I like to gently wrap with foil for darkness and place on top of my water heater for warmth 77F +/-. Anticipate transplant sprouts directly to pots about 5/26 after taproot is about an inch long. Placing taproot pointing down and remaining seed head about 1/2” below the soil surface. Be very gentle your seedlings are their most fragile at this point. I like to use tweezers for this. Carefully cover with soil, moisten soils **around ** transplant. I like to cover with a cutoff clear water bottle dome to increase humidity and temperature 82F. Turn on your lights and wait for sprouts.
Next post in about a week with pics and explanation of my vegetative set up.


48 hrs from dry seed, 3 sprouts out of 4. Will plant the 3 sprouts and continue the germination of the 4th seed. When the sprouts emerge will be noted. More pics with some lighting and ventilation detail in an upcoming (pun) post.

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5/29 update, I did not get germination from 2 of 5 seeds. First time in 8 grows. NOT ILGM strain though. Will go to a reliable strain with ILGM next grow. ONWARD…
I have several photos for anyone’s info on my grow setup., and seedlings sprouting from their home pots.
Grow room is a 2’x3’x8’closet in a small spare bedroom. Walls lined with Reflective bubble pack and flapper door is made of the same. The fans pull in cool air below the flapper door and exhaust over the top. A whole room carbon filter also removes odors and exhausts thru the exterior window where the AC is located. I also have humidifier and dehumidifier equipment for use as necessary. Lighting is 2-1000W Koscheal full spectrum LED lights hung with adjustable lanyards.

Hygrometers give me temp and humidity readings on the incoming and exhaust air moving thru the closet.
Seedlings have surfaced. I will keep them under humidity domes for about 7-10 days since currently the local weather is very dry. Some increased heat and humidity predicted late this week. Watering 1 cup Ice Mountain Spring Water daily around the outside of the humidity domes.

6 days from dry seed, this is the result…

Questions, comments, and advice is always encouraged, welcomed, and appreciated.

Good luck! Looks like a great grow is afoot!

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