My 8 day old πŸ‹ G

. Can someone give me there opinion on my plants I started 8days ago just curious of what people think and advice also is great


They look very healthy, but your soil looks a little wet. Seedlings don’t need much water, so just mist the surface with some water when it looks dry.

Yes the soil is way too wet it started raining before I got home and they got drenched I brought them inside to let them dry out a lil that won’t hurt them will it to bring them in the house how much sunlight should they be getting right now and for how long thank you for the advice Raustin

Yes, let them dry out inside. I like my seedlings to get 24 hours of light, but I grow indoors under lights. If they’re outside then try to give them 18 hours of light while indoors.

Agree with others, they look good now just let them be. Actually, for 8 days, they look great.


At this early stage, they will appear to stall from time to time. Don’t worry, their above ground growth will slow down for a couple days while they’re establishing roots and take off again.

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Look really good, solid advice to avoid overwatering as it’s temting to help them out. Good luck!