My 5th time around some good some bad

Hi guys I’m back with a new grow of you remember my last grow went a little tits up toward the end but pulled it Rd and got a decent smoke and 12oz so I was chuffed.
Now I have a cutting gave to me witch iv managed to get two more cutting off the main plant it’s a black cheese quite rear strain so iv been told so we’re growing in coco with a full range of nutrients canner and the main plant is just in flower on the auto pot system the other two cuttings of the same strain in veg and being hand fed and iv just managed to crack a blue cheese and hope to get two more cuttings off this to.

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Ah, black widow, the “true” white widow (Scott Blackey/Shanti) :wink: brings back some memories


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@Cyle1 you peeps are good and well and hears to anther great year of growing hope all your grows are going good.


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No my man it’s black cheese

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Ok, my mistake, the black cheese I had (smoked) was

black widow x big buddha cheese x sfv og kush

Sorry bout that

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So had a massive yellowing of the leaves again and put it down to my auto pots so now dry and looking a lot healthy the other two cuttings are amazing and doing well and my blue cheese sprig has now got 6 leaves :wink: