My 5th grow of Autoflowers

Day 90. Almost ready. Harvested one girl 2 days ago, she was getting amber.

I figured out something important during this grow. Next time I’ll be that better.


@TommyD what’d you learn??

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Get a good Ph meter. My numbers were off and I was putting in water with low Ph thinking it was 6.7-6.8. But it was 6.3-6.5.
Thus some nutrients couldn’t do their thing.

The importance of genetics

Photo’s are easier. In the fall I’ll do a batch.


Wedding Cookies harvested at 97 days.

Drying at the moment.

The other plants are curing as of today, Purple Haze, got around 2.5 out of each.

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@TommyD Looking heavy TD!! Good job! :green_heart::green_heart:

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Thanks. Those 2 grew nice.