My 4x4 grow tent

My first indoor attempt in a 4x4 visosun tent all clones all 3 in 5 gallon fabric pots I’m using fox farms happy frog I ran out of soil but gonna get more to fill em up. Strains- 2- Sunshine Daydream and 1-Girlscout Cookies. The SSDD were together in one solo cup so one of them looks a little sad but I’m sure shes gonna pop back up. Any tips are really appreciated. Happy Growing Growmies.:grin:


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Looks nice

I would suggest to take your time adding more soil as there is quite a bit needed in 2 pots…will need to let them grow up a bit before adding some and then repeat until at level you want.
Unless you are getting the soil real soon then I guess you could dig around them widely and add soil around and underneath them to get them up to a good level.
If you wait too long and do this you will stunt them I think anyway…

Just make sure your temps and humidity are in check and you have good air exchange and air movement in the tent.


Thank you. I was gonna wait a few weeks to add soil I dont want to disturb them more since they were rooted together in the same cup I feel like that was enough movement for a while lol and my humidity is staying between 35-37 and my tempt is 75-80. I have a lil clip on desktop fan but I seen this at home depot was thinking of getting it since I live in the high desert and temperatures get rude out here haha

You’ll want to get your humidity up quite a bit in veg.
Shoot for 55-60% RH minimum if you have a humidifier I would set it up in the tent to get it up.

Let us know what you think of that artic air swamp cooler once you’ve had it running awhile. Small footprint and I’m sure low power consumption just not sure how well it will do cooing your space.

What lights are you using?

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I’m gonna have to purchase a humidifier. And yes I’m hoping the air cooler works will put an update later on. I’m running a maxsisun 600w led.

I’m not a lighting expert but briefly looking at the info offered on amazon that light would maybe be good for 1 plant maybe 2 during later veg as they get bigger but definitely not enough for even 1 during flowering as there isn’t enough par nor footprint coverage for them. It will get you to the end just not with the final harvest weight you would get with better lights. Many options to consider. There are many topics covering this available here. Take a look at the indoor grow section …lighting and ventilation…

Let us know if you have more questions.


I bought one of those and I was constantly filling the tiny tank with water. Happy Growin and good luck with your tent !

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@Skydiver I was reading the same I was already looking at other lights. Thank you I really appreciate the help.
@zparkie2 what did you buy growmie? Thank you for the support!:grin:

I have one of those little humidifiers you pour water in and a mist comes out to keep it around 50-60% Rh during veg.

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@zparkie2 I’m gonna try this cool mist humidifier my wife got off offer up if it does not work I’m gonna get one. Thank you.

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