My 3rd Grow Journal

Watered the girls today. P1 and P2 took 3 liters. Used Aquarium water with a little cal-mag.

Been suffering from low Ph 5.2 is a general area for runoff Ph.

I have been taking 3 runoff tests. When the runoff first starts, then again, and then when it’s all complete. Slurry test today had soil Ph at 6.55.

So I put in water at ph of 6.84 and PPM at 717

P1 first runoff Ph - 5.21, PPM - 613 Second 4.9, PPM - 454, 3rd, 5.4, PPM - 503
P2 first runoff Ph - 50.5, PPM - 422 Second 5.1, PPM - 424, 3rd, 5.4, PPM - 424

This was my 4th watering.

I’m thinking I have low Ph and will need to take some action.

Well the Ph stayed too low and the plants started to have minor issues. I put 5 gallons of water through the plants.

Then I watered with a small amount of nutes. Both plants perked up drastically within hours. The runoff numbers were lower than what I put in the plant???

The low Ph runoff stumped me. I had lime added because it happened last grow with the FFHF.

@TommyD did that help correct anything ? What I did was crush up some fasting acting dolomite crush lime and I smashed it into a dust almost and top dress my pots with the dust a tablespoon at a time and water it in until I get it right, but I do this in my prepp time before I even plant 🪴, I’m sure now learning of that but FFOF used to wear my brains out sometimes , did add this , was tgat to much or to little , than I’ve done Coco and again the same thing , and started using promix and the was the end to all the guessing in veg for me and just started adding dry fertilizer to the soil 4 tablespoons of 5-8-4 Happy Frog fertilizer or Bio-Live 5-4-2 fertilizer for my veg time and just plain ph water at 6.0 is my norm and I adjust from there, it’s what I’ve done in time .

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@yoshi So far so good. The plants perked up and seem to be growing better.
I used FFHF on my first grow without issues. I got a few new bags for subsequent grows and it’s not been as easy on me with those 2 bags. Low Ph.
I added some more line on top.
Next grow I’m changing my soil. I’ll try promix as it gets good reviews mostly.

Funny thing. I have 3 photo’s in the same soil. They are growing without issue. Green and nice. lol.

I think the flush was what it needed. Ph did rise to 5.4

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@TommyD don’t let that deter you from the Happy Frog , it could have just been the bags and the shelf life date , it’s very common in this agricultural thing. Just make sure you ask next time to give you recent stock bags that just came in fresh, you don’t want the bottom bags lol , but to prevent this again you can always slurry it before you used any of it , Promix can be the same way my friend , I’m still using a brick of promix I bought 9 years ago that I’m actually growing with now , so ah Lil before starting your seeds prep test can save you headaches like this from happening. Photos will always have a more dominant trait than autos always they should be more resilient too , did you pack the soil in the pot by chance when you fill it are you did a light tap to settle it , if you packed it , you might want to probe it cause it could be hot spots in the core of the soil if it’s not draining properly too , never over pack your pots so it kind of stays lose a bit so the roots can breath better . Just my .2 worth . Now you got it on the right track , remember don’t do anything to suddenly , it takes about 3-7 days to see most changes depending on your light power ? The strong your lights the heavier your plants will eat

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Found a few leaves like this today. Top leaves are looking good. These are on the bottom.

Hopefully the flush worked. The rest of the plants look like they are healing.

I’ll remove them and water today. I think and hope the Ph is better.

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Here we are. Week 5, maybe 6. Had a nute lockout I think. Hopefully took care of that mess.


When you say week 5 or 6 , is that from seed are clone , are it’s an auto?
It’s in pre-flower which is usually the 14 days of transition , I don’t actually count this as flower phase , only transition , until the fan leaves change from soft to leather is when it’s officially in bloom phase , so be careful there are you will harvest to soon and miss you harvest window by at least 3 weeks !

@yoshi It’s ILGM sour diesel Auto. It was slated to go into flower on September 23. I count that as the 3rd week. but it’s been in the ground for about a week before that day. When the serrated leaves show and I count the days till they are supposed to flower. 3 weeks. They should be in flower now. And they are in flower.

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@TommyD with autos , you just never can really know , but it won’t finish no less than a photo period , actually I can finish a photo faster than an auto , with autos you just have to keep them very healthy and green at all times and let them grow . I don’t suggest autos for those who have not got the formula to the nutrient N.P.K ratios , it can be a bit of a challenge growing autos , now a photo regular feminized seed , I can run 6/2 2 weeks to 18/6 a week straight to 12/12 for 4 weeks to 10/14 & finish a photo in less than 12 weeks that way , but an auto you just have to wait them out until they are officially finished . If you push them past your harvest date I say , on 16/8 , they still will put on at least another 10-15% more bud weight .

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@yoshi Thanks. My first auto grow was easy. My second a little tougher but I survived it and got 8oz. This grow is going sideways on me I think, lol. I’ll save them. This is my 3rd grow but I’ve been a bucket farmer for 40 years, lol.

I have 3 autos going too in my veg tent. First time. I’m giving them a shot.

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Once you get the NPK ratio 10 % Nitrogen for veg , mid veg 20% -30% phosphorus and mid to late flower potassium 10% I used Cha-ching from seed to harvest by just controlling ppm but cha Ching is perfect NPK !


@yoshi I think my flush worked. The Ph levels have risen to 6.0-6.1

Today I watered the girls. Per gal. Ph 6,64 PPM 780
5 ml Cal-mag
5 ml Micro
2.5ml Gro
8 ml Bloom

Runoffs P1 6.1, PPM 901
P2 6.03 PPM 1009

Things are looking better.

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I’m glad you was able to work it out , mainly it’s just being patient more less , I’ve done something to 1 of the autos , and I’m over the auto plants , they have a mind of they own and nothing about an auto is a fast grow I don’t think , I believe autos take much longer than a feminized plant.

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I have 3 photo’s going too. My first time. They are easy. In soil, water. Top. They are growing like weeds, lol. @yoshi

Well after some Ph issues things were decent for a few days. Everything was growing nicely. Then I saw some spots again on the leaves. This is what I observed.

Honestly doing research to find what the problem is truly something of an art as well as science lol.
Looks like Manganese right? Or is it the same Ph issue. I had Ph numbers up to 6.1 and 6.2. ???

I tried to unlock via the bottom up @yoshi style. And I watered with aquarium water with added nutes. PK upped.

Runoff Ph and PPM was. P1 6.1 and 672 P2 6.2 and 793 PPM.

Watching and waiting.

I’m using the same seeds as grow number 2. The same thing happened to them. I went to fruition and got 8 oz that was nice according to my nephew.

In my own defense here , if you using the bottom up method , Make sure you doing a thorough watering at least a full gallon from the top once a week . I was add calmag with the flushing :flushed:, that way it has a better chance from swinging , I have not found much on how the autopots does it in between feedings yet , but plain watering is important also from the top to keep it balanced .

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I took this leaf off one of my plants. Looks like just about everything is wrong with this plant, lol.
I got the Ph up to 6.2 and 6.3 in FFHF, thought that was the issue.

I have 3 photo’s that look great.

The 2 auto’s, not so much. Same as last time with the autos.

Just wanted to share the leaf photo.

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@TommyD using Organics you have to learn how to feed your micro life and not so much the plants ? Coco might be a bit easier if you want to feed and control your plants growth or in hydro , Organics is not an easy peasy , once your organic life dies from temperature shifts in between lights on and lights off over 12 hours can become very challenging , but it’s worth it if you can get it figured out as for as potency and taste in my years of doing this I think , but many prefer the simplest methods with Jack’s salts in Coco which don’t give you a lasting high past 4 hours from all what I’ve experienced, it’s loud but no legs , the best smoke is in organic dirt I think at least from what I’ve experienced.

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@yoshi Thanks for the info. I have to admit this is perplexing me. I’ve been farming for 40 years, these autos got me. I lost. I actually think I packed the soil too tight like you mentioned before. Because I followed schedules and calculated runoffs and PPMs like never before and the leaves are turning yellow at 60 days in. Last time I took them to the end and they were fine, I’m hoping to do the same.
I used lime, stump tea, stump tea from my forest, and a few other things I forgot to prevent what happened last grow. I think I packed the soil too tight in that one as well.
Well lets see how this goes.
The Ph is steady 6.2 -6.3 which is good for FFHF.
They are flowering and sugar leaves are showing up.
We will see. thanks again for the info.

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