My 3rd Grow Journal

Looks like a magnesium overload. Happened to me when I added lime to the soil and added cal mag. That one leaf is no big deal. Could have made contact with the soil at some point. The second pic up there looks just like the one I had that had a magnesium overload.

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My bad. They do show a curve in vpd charts. But it’s not a “C”… it’s an “S”.

Only proof of this I have is my current pile of neglect that looks like a good grow. I have my hygro records tho.

Bahaha. Now I don’t even have that monitors record to show… Battery must’ve died and I never downloaded it…

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This what I was going to say.


@Budz Thanks pal. I am aware of FFHF having issues. My last grow had low Ph from the start, so this grow I added a small amount of lime. I got the same thing again, low Ph. It’s the same FFHF batch I purchased. So I tried to minimize the Ph problem from before.

I think this might be my last time with FFHF.

I was going by the schedule that has been posted here multiple times regarding my Rh.

This is the first time I’m saying this is too high for the temps. Hmmm?

I can easily lower it. But then I’d be out of range on the Rh sched? Thanks, I’ll take a read. @Budz

@Bobbydigital Magnesium? Hmmm? I didn’t find that by looking at the disease pics, lol. Thanks

I added the lime because I think I have bad FFHF. The Ph runoff has been very low. Didn’t help I guess.

The second plant has looked different since it popped. I was just thinking genetics.

Looks like I’m going to need a new soil mix next time. Thanks I’ll keep an eye on this.

@Covertgrower I was going with this theory too. I haven’t done anything to the plant but add water, lol.

Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

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Anytime @TommyD

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Yeah to close to the soil to take seriously.
I agree with others

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Here’s the ladies. Looking good I guess.

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Looks good to me.

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@Covertgrower So far so good.

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Watered #3 today 2.5 liters each. I can’t shake the low runoff Ph. But with the plants growing ok I’m motoring on.

Water in 65.4 PPM 336 Added 1.75 ml of nutes per gallon of calmag, micro, gro and bloom.

P1 runoff 52.2 Ph 733 PPM
P2 runoff 49.5 Ph 984 PPM.

I have the SF4000 up to 70% finally.