My 3rd Grow Journal

Started my 3rd grow. Here’s my journal.

Sour Diesel IGLM
Happy Frog, perlite, lime, powder stump tea bacteria
Runoff 2 plants: 1100 1311
Measured DLI = 24.2, Lux =16999, PPFD 326 New Phototon app
Indoor, 4X4 tent w/ SF4000 2020 version
Temps: Day 77-78, night 77-78
Rh 65% with humidifier
Ventilation: goes outside. 6 inch ACxfinity. Passive intake
House is central air conditioned to 69 deg
No C02

Started in veg tent under T5 then moved to LED. At around 2-3 weeks in the pics. I only used water once thus far, will water tomorrow again with water and maybe a little cal-mag. lol. LED is at 55% after starting at 50%. Height was 24 inches at start. Moved up to 30 now.


Nice first post good info, you planted them sorta to one side of the pot eh that’s different lol.


I was thinking same thing lol

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@Nicky @JWhistler Helps with LST. I’ll have the top of the plant on the other side at one point before it turns up. I tried it once on one plant and it worked great for an auto. Which I forgot to mention, lol.

I get nice bushes. It worked last time.

For sure I can see that I’d your going to bend it over sideways like you love her.


All planted to one side.


Yes, lol

After 2 weeks I observed brown spots on the bottom leaf. You can see them here. I’ve been trying to diagnose. lol.
I only used water once thus far. Nothing else added.
Soil has lime and bacteria added and some perlite.

Today I watered again. I put a small level of cal-mag, 2ml, so lets see, lol.

I watered the girls today. P1 and P2 both took 2 liters before runoff. I took some measurements of Ph and PPM. Water going in was ph to 65.8
P1 Ph 53.5 PPM 1056
P2 Ph 52.5 PPM 1262

Ph is still coming out low. IDK?

Other than that one leaf with some spotting all seems well.

Leafs…Ph issue or Calcium issue? @Nicky @JWhistler

Photo above

Is it only on that bottom leaf? no other leaves?

Yup. Just that one leaf. @JWhistler

I wouldn’t change a thing until I saw it affect another area. Probably just water got on the leaf(from watering) causing it to burn under the light. Keep an eye on it, it wont get any better, just make sure that you aren’t getting more in other places.

@JWhistler Thanks for the advice. That’s what I’m going to do. Keep an eye on it.

Happy farming

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Here’s the latest pic of P1 and P2.

Here’s that one leaf. I think it might be from the Ph? IDK. My Ph runoff is low. Going in at 6.5 coming out 5.3 or so, twice. Lime is present.
What do you think @JWhistler @Nicky Ph?

Might be moving to the next leaf over.

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@Covertgrower @Hellraiser


@Budz @BobbyDigital @oldmarine

Happy frog is already balanced with lime. Which is why I only add up to ~10% perlite to my happy frog when I use soil. Otherwise I risk throwing the balance out. Which what I see here is a pH issue. Overtime if you control input pH it should rectify itself. No promises. Just read/understand what is in your store bought super soil before playing around with it in the future.

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Also. Too much humidity.

If you want to know more as to why. Look into vpd. She’s kind of suffocating at those numbers.

Another edit. The easy way I like to look at it. The closer I get to 65% humidity, I better be close to 65°F. Otherwise if I’m pushing my low 80s like I like to. My Rh better be around 45-55…
I understand it’s confusing how that works. But think of a reverse see saw.

My main flowering tent atm. (Light off)

What’s bad is I’m revealing a very obvious curve that is missed by every single vpd table/chart I’ve seen and many I shared in the past. So I shared misinformation. Of course there is no mapping of my findings. I ain’t been with it.

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