My 3 plants resolve

Hi I made 5 onces on my 3 plants all were dryed up
I want to prove my yield and prove my dry and cure process how would I do that?
I have LED lights,nutritions, fans… I install carbon filter to get fresh air to my tent almost the end
Of my 3 plants to get havested

Well there are 2 things right off the bat we need to know ph through your grow and what tyou of led do you have?
The pH question because if you can’t keep your ph pretty close the whole grow but especially in flower this will hurt yeild.
The light question because led lights are different, might say it’s a galaxy hydro 300 watt light. Now if you add up all the possible watts of all the diodes you get 300 w but these lights only pull 135 watts from the wall plug so you would need 2 lights to get near 300 w. With that being said light spectrum is very important to. After you get some more info up we can dig a little deeper and talk about training techniques that will also help with yeild

The LED I use is viparspectra 1000w… I have 3 of those.
I use soil so I put 6.5 ph
I used nutrition but I just be careful not to have nutrition burn.

I will used Coco coir next time to have more nutritions in 5.8 ph to grow faster