My 2nd Grow, WW photo


Awesome job @Royc, they are developing very nicely. Beautiful plants!


Wow they do look great. Amazing color and nice foliage. U have dialed them in perfectly. If I had 1 suggestion it would b to boost your nutes just slightly. I don’t see any signs of nute burn on the tips. The more food the fatter the buds. Push her til she is at the verge.

Great job. They will reward u


@merlin44 @Justgrowin thank you. now I have the right equipment and help its a little better but not easier. Started Gorilla Glue by ILGM, in the nursery tent… YA HOO can’t wait they’re getting big at later seedling stage. seedling stage ending when colloidal leave is gone


Looking really amazing, great job!


thank you @raustin can’t wait to get into the grow that’s in the small tent (nursery). and Gold leaf on deck after that. Busy little boy I am.


Help has anyone had to deal with spider mites? Found a couple of spotted leaves and investigated. What I found sucked a couple of spider mites having their way with my girls.
I read a few articles but not enough. I dusted with food grade D.E. like the article says but I dusted the buds also, how long should I wait to wash off or should I wait to harvest in 2-3 weeks and then wash to prevent further infestation from the possibilities of eggs hatching.

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I have them in my flower room right now. I have chosen a path most would not.

I let my plants ride, they are almost done and I will leave the room empty for a week while spraying and washing. They are one of the harder ones to get rid of and I don’t want to spray my buds that are almost done.

Sorry I’m sure I’m not much help but good luck.


@Justgrowin I wish I had your confidence it would be alright. luckily I found them early I was messing with the microscope and found them only found web on leaves. well thanks I thought I was a shitty cultivator


Bummer your plants have this infestation. I have (fortunately) not had this problem yet.

I agree with @Justgrowin (for what it is worth). Important to thoroughly disinfect after harvest.


I’m hoping to get some help from the pro’s or mediators.
if you know any please tag them in


With @Justgrowin you have connected with a Pro…She knows exactly what she is doing.

I have followed her advice (along with others) and have had nice results.


There are a few things you can do with spider mites that won’t harm the flowering plant.

If you can wash the plant in the shower or with the shower setting on a garden hose. The mites are easily washed away. Immediately follow with a spray down of straight 3% peroxide. Pay particular attention to the undersides of the leaves up against the stems.

Using Captain Jack’s Dead Bug or Safer BtK spray will attack the mites systemically but you want to alternate: peroxide, then five days later Safer, then five days later peroxide. It’s also important to use distilled or R/O water when diluting any peroxide solutions.

A good bud wash in 1 cup peroxide to 5 gallons of water at harvest will also be a good idea.


Ahhh thanks. I take that as a compliment.

There are things u can do as myfriendis described. To me. Just not worth it. They are not as easy as that sounds to get ride of. It’s a fight that never ends until u can empty the room and disinfect. If your plants are portable a good wash can help but it just takes one egg or a few mites left behind to start the fight all over again.

I do spray my plants with a water peroxide mix as a regular thing so if I do get something it keeps it from overtaking my whole grow.

If we were discussing fungus gnats or something else I would give u a more positive answer but spider mites, they suck.


@Justgrowin is it safe to smoke the weed


Yes. I would def wash the buds at harvest with a mix of H2O2 and water 1:4.

Then hang to dry just like normal with a fan near them not on them. Believe me there’s much worse on outdoor buds before they are washed. Good luck.


Yuck! Sorry about the late infestation. Justgrowin n myftiend is are two exceptional growers. Definitely know they stuff. @garrigan65 n @Niala do too. How far into flower are u?


37 days, big buds, pistils are nice and brown lots of black dots that used to be mites



Did you get rid of your mites ? If not tag me. I can help with that. Other wise you were in good hands


No, killed a lot of the little buggers though. What I did was sprinkle some D.E. over the plants let it sit overnight and then sprayed them down. Looked through microscope and found one on the first look.

I’m deep into flower pistils are turning brown it’s getting close … Please @garrigan65 help me, save my medicine, if you can
Spider mites


I would love to get a copy of this chart but it won’t let me when I tap it?? I’m a complete virgin to the sight & have NO idea how blogs work. Any help would be great but I’m afraid I still won’t figure it out!! LoL