My 2nd Grow, WW photo


the yellowing of leaves look worst in person. I thought it might be nute burn but my TDS was under a 1000
which is supposed to be okay with Fox Farm Nutes, flushed the other day just in case and brought it down to 600 TDS.

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It’s nute burn. It’s just the right amount though. She looks good


Thank you @Justgrowin thought it might be but TDS reading threw me off


Just means it’s back in range. At some point it was high.


Yeah, your plants look glorious now.


Yup lovely ladies. Just the tips (hehehe love that phrase) isnt a bad thing at all. Think of it as bloated stomachs after a full meal


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Took these pics yesterday. the big one’s 12 1/2 inches tall waiting for others to catch up so I can switch to flower their two weeks behind


Looking healthy and beautiful.


thank you. not as nervous on this grow


They look like happy campers.


Yup. All look happy healthy and well on the way. Need to get in gear to catch that other tent tho


I use Fox Farm nutes and sledge hammer flush. I grow in soil. what should the ppm be after the flush. the ppm of the mix I use right now is around 695. is that the aim or lower please help This is really baffling me.
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If you’re doing a flush then you want to get the PPM down to around 250. Then feed as usual. After you feed it should go up to 695 plus the 250.


Thank you. Wow that’s low


Well, you’re trying to flush out all the built up salts, you could go even lower if you use r/o water.


OK, that makes sense now thank you


And remember that 900 to 1,000 in veg and 1.300 to 1,500 for most of flower. Which includes any existing TDS in your base water.


Thanks for the tag. @raustin and @Myfriendis410 have you covered :+1:


6 weeks of veg, just changed over lights to 12/12