My 2nd Grow, WW photo


well, thank you.


Yup love the color. Loads of clear. The wait continues


Looking good


Seeing mostly clear, so you’ve still got some time left. Looking nice and frosty!


I’m in concurrence with the others :wink::v:


They’re really starting to blow up the, buds that is, they are taking water a little more frequently.SingleShot0010


You can only see a couple of them here but there’s a lot of trichomes with brown or black on the tis of the trichome. What is that does anyone know?
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Just particulates stuck to the sticky trichomes. Another reason to wash your harvest. You are right there, dude.


what would be a good wash to kill mites


1 cup of 3% peroxide in 5 gallons of water for a bud wash.

50/50 of 3%/R/O water in a spray bottle; drench the plant paying particular attention to the undersides of the leaves. Wait 72 hours and spray the plant with Captain Jack’s Dead Bug (spinosad). Wait 5 days and repeat. This for an actively growing plant with mites.

You may have to do that ongoing but it’s entirely benign to the plant and doesn’t contribute any off flavors. The spinosad is about as organic as you can get.

If you do spray the plant remember to spray any fabric pots too. The soil surface as well. @Niala recommends (occasionally) using straight 3% on the soil. Be cautious as this will kill any beneficial microbes in the soil.


thank you
I’ll try that


Getting there my man! Very close. Any more preps get em startd


Thank you. they have been getting water only, for a couple day’s now


What’s too cold for plants at night. I’m worried about plants becoming hermied. It got down to 59.8* in the tent last night, been cold in the Northeast lately…….
Have them in a spare room that doesn’t have good heat… urgh… This is my Gorilla glue by ILGM I’m talking about 3rd grow
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their in week 2of veg.


That’s not to bad, but you need to keep that temp up there. invest in a small heater,


I do but wife went nuts over $250 light bill I’ll put on the reg. heat more. got to go get new thermostat for upstairs today it won’t turn off, so I don’t turn it on…LOL.I have two grows going on together


59° is a little on the chilly side, but I let my lants get that low occasionally and it doesn’t seem to hurt them.


You tell your wife that garrigan65 just paid his utilities of $458.60
And i can’t get the blower to turn off
Don’t figure


LMFAO, I told her that I could buy it but that would cost @$1500 a month to replace that much. Or $600 for what I smoke… on a slow week.